Have Wizard Cromperty teleport you to the Rune essence mine

Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Cities - Ardougne
Run North East to Wizard Cromperty's house.

Right click the Wizard and select Teleport.

Task is done.

Steal a cake from the East-Ardougne market stalls

Requirements: level 5 Thieving

Go to Ardougne and run North-East to the market.

Steal a cake from a baker stall

Sell a silk to the Silk Trader in East Ardougne for 60 coins each

Requirements: level 20 Thieving

Go to Ardougne and run North-East to the market.

Steal from a silk stall, then sell it to the Silk Merchant.

Use the altar in East-Ardougne's chuch

Go to Ardy, then run North-West to the Church.

Pray at the Altar.

Enter the combat training camp North of West-Ardougne

Teleport to Ardy, then run North-East to Combat training camp.

Entet the training camp and the task is done.

Use the Ardougne lever to teleport you to Wilderness

This lever will teleport you to level 50 Wilderness.

Teleport to Ardy and run North-West to the lever.

Pull the lever, after teleporting to the Wilderness, just pull the lever again and It will take you home.

View Aleck's Hunter Emporium Shop in Yanille

Right click on the Wizard at home, select fairy ring, and press "K" or select CIQ.

Run to Yanille hunter shop.

Trade Aleck, and the task is done.

Check what pets you have insured with Probita in East Ardougne

Teleport to Ardy, then run North-West.

Right click Probita and select "check" option. Task is done.

Easy tasks completed.


Enter the Unicorn Pen in Ardougne Zoo using Fairy rings

Right click on the Wizard at home and select Fairy ring option.
Press "D" or select BIS. Task done

Harvest some strawberries from the Ardougne farming patch

Requirements: 31 crafting, spade, seed dibber, watering can, gardening towel, rake, 3 Strawberry seeds.

Right click on Wizard and select Jewellery Box option.
Select Fishing Guild or press "D".
Run East to farming patch.
Plant some Strawberries then harvest them after they've grown fully.(1 hour)

Cast the Ardougne teleport spell

Requirements:50 magic,2 law, 2 water runes

Switch to normal spellbook and cast the Ardougne Teleport, task done

Travel to Castle Wars by Hot Air Baloon

Bank your weapons and armour
Teleport to Port Sarim, run east on the docks and Take Boat from the Monk of Entrana.

Go North-West to the Air balloon, use it and travel to Castle Wars.

Task done.

Claim Bucket of Sands from Bert in Yanille

Go to Bert's shop and talk to him.

Catch any fish on the Fishing Platform

Requirements: 30 fishing, fly fishing rod, feathers

Teleport to Ardy then run East until you reach the Sea, and talk to Holgart. He will teleport you to the fishing platform.

Run East, then North on the platform, fish of one of the Northern or North-Wester spots.

Task done.

Pickpocket a Master Farmer North of East Ardougne

Requirements: 38 Thieving

Right click on Wizard and select Jewellery Box option.
Select Fishing Guild or press "D".
Run South - East to the farm.

Pickpocket a Master Farmer, task done.

Kill a swordchick in the Tower Of Life

Requirements: 1 raw swordfish, 1 raw chicken

Right click on the Wizard, and select Fairy Rings.

Press "R" or select DJP

Go to the Tower of Life then open the trapdoor.

Use your raw sworfish on one of the Symbols of Life.

Kill the Swordchick, task done.

Equip an Iban's upgraded staff of upgrade Iban's staff

Requirements: Iban's staff and 200K coins.
Buy an Iban's staff from Ajjat at home (If you don't have one)

Go to west Ardougne and talk to the Dark Mage, upgrade your Iban's staff, task done.

Visit the island East of the Necromancer Tower

Right click on Wizard and select Fairy Rings.
Press "2" or select AIR.

Task done.

Medium tasks completed.


Enter the Magic Guild

Requirements: 66 Magic

Right click the Wizard select Fairy Ring and press "K" or select CIQ

Run to Yanille and enter the Magic Guild(Wizard's Guild)

Attempt to steal from a chest in Ardougne Castle

Requirements: 72 Thieving,lockpick(Can be obtained from Head Chef at Home

Go to Ardy and run West to the Ardougne Castle, climb up the staircase,go to the South-Eastern room, open the chest.

Task done.

Teleport to the Watchtower

Requirements: 58 Magic,2 Law, 2 Earth runes

Cast the Watchtower teleport spell

Task done.

Catch a Red Salamander

Requirements: 59 Hunter,small fishing net, rope

Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Skills - Ourania Altar, run a bit South-East to the hunter spot.

Set up a trap on a young tree

Catch a red salamander(If your trap fails keep setting it up again and again)

Check the health of a Palm Tree in Tree Gnome Village

Requirements:69 farming, items to plant a fruit tree

Right click the Wizard, select Spirit Tree and to to Tree Gnome Village.

Squeeze Through the loose railing South West, it wil get you out of the Labyrinth, run west to the farming patch, plant the palm tree.

After the Palm Tree has grown fully check it's health.

Task done.

Smith a Mithril platebody near Ardougne

Requirements: 68 Smithing, 5 Mithril Bars, hammer

Teleport to Ardy then go to West-Ardy to the anvil.

Make a Mithril Platebody.

Task done.

Smith a Dragon SQ shield in West Ardougne

Requirements: 60 Smithing, Shielf left half, Shield right half(Legend's Quest), hammer.

Teleport to Ardy then go to West-Ardy (same place you made the mithril platebody)

Make a Dragon SQ Shield.

Task done

Craft some Death Runes at the Death Altar

Requirements: 65 Runecrafting, Pure Essence, (Death Talisman recommended)

If You have a death talisman, right click it, locate, and it will take you directly to the Death Altar, Craft Death runes and the task is done.

If you don't have a death talisman, go to level ~5 Edgeville Wilderness, and teleport to the Abyss with the Zamorak Mage.

Go to the Death altar and craft death runes, task is done

Hard tasks completed.


Catch a Manta Ray in the Fishing Trawler and cook it in Port Khazard

Requirements: 81 Fishing, Raw manta ray

You don't have to do Fishing Trawler for this task, just get a Raw Manta Ray, go to Port-Khazard and cook it on one of the cooking ranges.
(I suggest to bring atleast 5 Raw Manta Rays.)

Right click on the Wizard at home and use the Fairy Ring teleport DJP or press "R"

Run South to Port-Khazard

Cook the raw manta ray and the task is done.

Attempt to picklock the door to the basement of Yanille Agility Dungeon

Get a lock-pick from Head Chef at home, and teleport to Fairy Ring CIQ (K button).

Go to Yanille Dungeon.

Try to Pick-Lock the door and the task is done.

Pickpocket a Hero

Requirements: 80 Thieving

Teleport to Ardougne, run North-East to the market and pickpocket a Hero.

Task done.

Make a Rune Crossbow yourself from scratch within Witchaven or Yanille
Requirements:69 Fletching,knife,crossbow string,runite limbs,yew logs

Travel to North-West of Yanille by Fairy ring(CIQ, "k" button)

Use your knife on yew logs, and make a yew stock
Use your runite limbs on the yew stock
Use the crossbow string on the unfinished rune crossbow

Task done.

Imbue a Salve amulet at Nightmare Zone or equip a Salve Amulet (i)

For this task, completing Haunted Mine quest, is necessary. https://www.battle-scape.com/threads/12189

You need 8 vote tickets and a Salve Amulet (e) to complete this task.

Buy a Salve Amulet(ei) from the Voting shop at Home Bank.

Go to the Watchtower near Yanille by Watchtower teleport

Run east, to Nightmare Zone

Equip your Salve Amulet(ei) in the Nighmare Zone and the task is done.

Pick some Torstol from the patch North-East or Ardougne

Requirements: 85 Farming, farming tools

Right click the Wizard at home and select jewellery box option, select Fishing Guild.

Run South-East to the farming patch North-East of Ardougne.

Plant Torstol to the farming patch.
Wait for the plants to grow, then harvest them.

Task is done.

Complete a lap of Ardougne's Agility Course

Requirements:90 Agility

Teleport to Ardougne then run North-East to the market.

Start an agility lap by climbing up the wooden beams

Complete the agility lap.

Task is done

Congratulations, You have completed the Ardougne Diaries!