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    About Vorkath

    Vorkath is counts as blue dragon so you can wear slayer helm for the bonuses. Also an undead so the salve amulet also works but it does not stack.

    Combat level: 732
    Max hit: 121
    Poison: yes (venom)
    Attack style: slash, ranged, magic, dragonfire
    Immune to venom and poison

    Vorkath have 3 types of attack styles, the regular mage, range and melee. He also uses 4 types of dragonfire attacks:
    -the Green is the acid, it afflict you venom
    -the purple disable your overhead prayer
    -orange is the fire breath attack
    -fire bomb: he shoot a big fire bomb to the air and you have to move 2 steps away from where you currently were at

    He also have 2 types of special attacks:
    -he summon a Zombified Spawn after he freeze you, you can cast a Crumble Undead spell on it
    -the Acid phase is when he summons acid pools randomly around him and start shooting fireballs to you what you can dodge by moving your character. The other method is to survive that phase
    is the "woox walk" streategy. Thats need a bit of practice. You can attack Vorkath while you are walking just make sure your character dont stop moveing.

    After every 6 basic attacks Vorkaths use one of two special attacks.


    100% drop are Superior dragon bones and Blue dragonhides. Players are always recieve Vorkath's head on their 50th Vorkaths kill.

    The gear


    -Dragonfire immunity
    -Blue dragon or Vorkath slayer task
    -Runes for Crumble Undead
    -Anti venom
    -BGS or DWH to lower Vorkaths defence
    Set up Quick prayer, so you can turn back on your overhead pray quick
    -Dont turn on "RUN" , its easier to dodge the Acid phase by walking

    The gear pictures from https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/
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    You dont need woox walk method here

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