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    This guide will help you to complete the Falador diaries.


    Climb over the western Falador wall:

    Teleport to Falador by talking to the Wizard at home, run West until you see a "Crumbling wall" with a climb over option. Simply climb over it and this task is done.

    Browse Sarah's farm shop

    Teleport to Falador by talking to the Wizard at home, run all the way south until you reach the South Falador Farm, trade Sarah and the task is done.

    Or Right click on the Wizard select Spirit Tree option and select Cabbage patch. (this way is shorter)

    Fill a bucket from the pump North of Falador West Bank

    Buy a bucket from the Skilling Seller at home.

    Talk to to Wizard and go to falador. (make sure you don't use the well, because it will fill the bucket and you won't be able to empty it)

    Use the bucket on the waterpump and the task is done.

    Kill a duck in Falador Park

    Go to Falador, run North to the park.

    Go to the pond and kill a duck.

    Make a mind tiara

    For this task you'll need a mind talisman(abyss)and a regular tiara(skilling seller) after You got these two items go to the abyss(you can also get a mind talisman here by killing abyssal creatures) by the zamorak wizard in Edgeville wildy level 5-6.

    Exit through the mind rift with the tiara and the talisman in your inventory.

    Click on the altar and your mind tiara will be created, the task is done.

    Take a boat to Entrana

    Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Port-Sarim.

    Run east until You find a Monk of Entrana.(You can't bring any weapons to Entrana)

    Claim a security book from Security guard upstairs at Port Sarim jail

    Go back to Port Sarim and run south to the Port Sarim jail.

    Climb up the ladder and talk to the Security guard in the Northern room.

    Smith some blurite limbs on Doric's anvil

    You'll need a hammer and a pickaxe for this task.

    Go South of home to the mining spot and mine some blurites.

    Smelt the ores, talk to the Wizard and go to Falador.

    Go to Doric's house by running north of Falador, click on the anvil found in the house and smith Blurite limbs and the task is done. (You need level 13 smithing)

    Easy tasks are completed


    Light a bullseye lantern at the chemist's in Rimmington

    You'll need 49 crafting, 49 smithing and 49 firemaking for this task.
    This task requires a bullseye lantern which can be made by a steel bar used on an anvil(49 smithing). Buy a molten glass and a glassblowing pipe from Skilling seller at home and make a bullseye lantern lens (49 crafting). Make sure you also have a tinderbox and a swamp tar (both can be bought from the skilling seller at home)in your inventory.

    Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Rimmington, to Chemist's house.

    Use the lantern lens on the bullseye lantern, then use it on the fractionalizing still outside of the house.

    Use your thinderbox on the lantern to light it, the task is done.

    Unlock the crystal chest in Taverley

    For this task you'll need a crystal key (can be obtained by killing NPCs and putting loop half and tooth half of keys together)

    Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Taverley.
    Go into the building and open the closed chest.

    Task is done.

    Kill a mogre at Mudskipper Point

    Right click on the Wizard at home and select the Fairy ring option, go to Asgarnia Mudskipper Point(AIQ) and kill one of the mogres. Task done

    Pickpocket a Falador guard

    You'll need 40 thieving to complete this task.
    Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Falador, run west, until you see a guard, right click on it and pickpocket, task is done. (If it doesn't complete the task by pickpocketing a guard, try the other also.)

    Pray at the Altar of Guthix in Taverley whilst wearing full Initiate

    To complete this task you'll need a full Initiate set which can be obtained from Ajjat at home

    Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Taverley.
    Go to the Guthix altar and pray at it.

    Mine some gold ore at the Crafting Guild

    You'll need 40 crafting to enter the Crafting guild,and you'll need 40 mining to mine gold ores,you'll also need a pickaxe to complete this task.

    Right click on the Wizard at home and select Jewellery box.
    Press F to go to Crafting guild.

    Go to the eastern part of the building and mine some gold ores. Task done

    Squeeze through the crevice in Dwarven mines

    To complete this task you'll need 42 agility.

    Talk to the Wizard and go to Mining guild. Run north until you see a crevice, squeeze through it.

    Task done..

    Chop and burn some willow logs in Taverley

    You'll need 30 firemaking and 30 woodcutting to complete this task.
    Get a tinderbox and an axe and go to Taverley by the Wizard at home.
    Go south by the lake and cut some willog logs, light them also.

    Task completed.

    Teleport to Falador

    You'll need 37 magic, 3 air runes, 1 law and 1 water rune to complete this task.
    Cast the Falador Teleport spell,
    Task done.

    Medium diary completed.


    Craft 140 mind runes simultaneously

    Get your mind tiara you made previously, and get a mind talisman again,also you'll need pure essences, and level 2 runecrafting.While getting a mind talisman, you can also get runecrafting pouches(small/medium/large/giant) pick them up.
    Right click on your mind talisman and select the locate option, it will take you directly to the mind altar.

    Keep doing it until you recieve a notification that the task is done.

    Kill a Giant Mole beneath Falador park

    You can find the Giant Mole guide under this link:

    Kill a skeletal wyvern in the Asgarnian ice dungeon

    For this task you need atleast 72 slayer level.
    Talk to the Wizard and go to Dungeons - Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
    They require an elemental shield, mind shield, dragonfire shield, to reduce damage from their attacks.

    Kill a skeletal wyvern to complete this task.

    Kill a blue dragon under Heroes' guild

    You need to complete Lost City, and Dragon slayer quests, to complete this task. You can find a guide for the Quests at the link below

    Get your best in slot range, or mage gear (It's a safespot so antifires, or anti dragon shield are not necessary
    Right click on the Wizard, select jewellery box and go to Burthorpe.

    Go into the Guild and climb down the ladder, kill the blue dragon, task done.

    Recharge your prayer in Port Sarim church while wearing full Proselyte

    For this task, trade Ajjat at home, and buy a proselyte set.

    Talk to the Wizard and go to Port Sarim.

    Run south to the Church and pray on the altar.

    Task is done.

    Enter the Warrior's Guild

    You can only complete this task if your Attack and Strength levels must add up to at least 130.
    Talk to the Wizard at home, and go to Minigames - Warrior's guild.
    Enter the guild, task is done.

    Equip a dwarven helmet within the dwarven mines

    You can obtain a dwarven helmet by doing the Creepy Crawly minigame. (minigames - Creepy crawly)

    Talk to the Wizard at home, go to Skilling - Mining guild, equip the helmet, task done.


    Craft 252 Air Runes simultaneously

    Do it basically the same way you did the mind runes in the Hard diaries, but with an air talisman.
    Right click on the air talisman and select locate, it will take you to the air altar directly.

    Purchase a White 2h sword from Sir Vyvin

    For this task you need a kill count of 1300 black knights.

    Go to Falador by the Wizard at home and run West, then South to the White Knight's Castle, talk to Sir Vyvin and buy a White 2h Sword.

    Find at least 3 magic roots when digging up your magic tree at Falador

    Farming level of 75 is necessary to complete this task.

    Plant a magic tree at Falador Park. After it grows fully, cut the tree, if you get atleast 3 magic roots after you cut the tree, the task is completed.

    Perform a skillcape or questcape emote at the top of Falador Castle

    Go to Falador by the Wizard at home, run West, then South to Falador Castle.

    Climb up the staircase

    Run east until you reach the ladders, climb up the ladder until you reach the top of the Castle.

    Task done.

    Jump over the strange floor in Taverley Dungeon

    80 Agility is necessary to complete this task.

    Talk to the Wizard and go to Dungeons - Taverley.

    Run North until you see a "strange floor" agility shortcut on the west side. Jump over it.

    Mix a Saradomin Brew in Falador East Bank

    81 Herblore is necessary to complete this task.

    You must have a Toadflax, a vial of water, and a crushed bird's nest for this task.

    Talk to the Wizard and go to Falador, it will teleport you directly to the east bank.

    Clean to Toadflax is it's grimy and use it on the vial of water.
    Use the crushed bird's nest on the Toadflax potion.

    The task is done.

    Well done, you've completed the Falador Achievement Diaries.
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    Wow sexy guide from a sexy man

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