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    Callisto is an enormous bear that resides south of the Demonic Ruins.

    This boss is killed for its chance to drop Tyrannical ring and the Callisto cub.

    This boss resides in a cave in the deep Wilderness!


    Combat level: 470

    Hitpoints: 255

    Poisonous: No

    Weakness: Slash

    Attack Style: Melee (crush)

    Max Hit: 60

    Notable Drops

    Rune pouch

    Dragon 2H sword

    Dragon pickaxe

    Tyrannical ring

    Recommended Stats
    105+ Combat
    90+ Hitpoints
    90+ Attack
    90+ Strength
    90+ Defence

    Recommended Melee

    Head: Verac's helm
    Neck: Amulet of glory
    Back: Ardougne cloak
    Torso: Verac's brassard
    Legs: Verac's plateskirt
    Feet: Dragon boots > Rune boots
    Hands: Barrows gloves > Rune gloves
    Ring: Your choice if wanted to risk.
    Weapon: Verac's flail
    Shield: none


    Super attack (4)

    Super strength (4)

    Antidote (4)

    Super Restore(4) x2

    Stamina potion (4)

    Food of choice x18

    Cooked karmabwan x5

    Callisto Abilities

    Melee: Callisto swipes with his claw for significant melee damage

    Shockwave (no cooldown): Callisto can hit up to 60 in one attack! He will use Shockwave more often the further you become so stay within melee distance!

    Knockback: You will be knocked back multiple tiles from Callisto dealing minor damage.

    Heal: Callisto will heal himself for small amounts.

    Additional Info

    1. Callisto's lowest defence is SLASH.

    2. Godswords used on Slash attack styles are a great alternative to Verac's armour.

    3. If using a Godsword, it's a good idea to bring Black d'hide armor + a fire cape.

    Thank you, feel free to comment any suggestions to be made.

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    Nice guide!

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