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    Venenatis is a large poison spider that resides east of the Bone Yard.

    This boss is the only enemy to drop the Treasonous ring.

    This boss resides in the Wilderness

    Venenatis can be found East of the boneyard in the wilderness (South of Callisto)

    Teleport Wizard>Wilderness>East Green Dragons>Run North

    Combat level: 464

    Hitpoints: 255

    Poisonous: YES - 8

    Weakness: Ranged

    Attack Style: Magic + Melee (stab)

    Max Hit: 50

    Notable Drops

    Rune pouch

    Dragon 2H sword

    Dragon pickaxe

    Treasonous ring

    Venenatis spiderling

    Recommended Melee

    Head: Verac's helm
    Neck: Amulet of glory
    Back: Ardougne cloak
    Torso: Verac's brassard
    Legs: Verac's plateskirt
    Feet: Dragon boots > Rune boots
    Hands: Barrows gloves > Rune gloves
    Ring: Your choice if wanted to risk.
    Weapon: Verac's flail
    Shield: none

    Recommended Ranged

    Head: Archer helm
    Neck: Amulet of glory
    Back: Ava's accumulator or Ranged cape
    Torso: Black d'hide body
    Legs: Black d'hide chaps
    Feet: Snakeskin boots
    Hands: Black d'hide vambraces
    Ring: Your choice if wanted to risk.
    Weapon: Blowpipe > Armadyl crossbow > Rune crossbow
    Shield: Book of law > Unholy book > Book of balance (none if using blowpipe)
    Ammo: Diamond bolts (e) (ignores defences) > Ruby bolts (e) > Broad bolts

    Venenatis Abilities

    Melee: Venenatis lunges, dealing significant damage
    Magic: Venenatis strikes the player with minimal/medium damage
    Web attack: Venenatis' deadliest attack; throws a web at the player dealing up to 50 damage (usually combined with melee/magic
    Prayer drain: Venenatis launches a projectile at the player draining prayer points. This attack can be used quickly without cooldown.

    Player Strategy

    Protect from: Magic
    Optional: Eagle Eye (or Rigour)

    Additional Info

    1. Venenatis will not attack with full damage in a single-way combat (1-10)
    2. Venenatis WILL attack with full damage in a multi-way combat (up to 50)
    3. Ruby (e) bolts can be used over Diamond (e) however Diamond (e) ignores defenses
    4. Bring an Anti-poison if you're not wearing a Serpentine helm

    Thank you, feel free to comment any suggestions to be made.

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