Barrows is a minigame where you have to kill six brothers to get loot from an ancient chest, also it's a dangerous activity for HCIMs;

  • Ahrim the Blighted
  • Dharok the Wretched
  • Guthan the Infested
  • Karil the Tainted
  • Torag the Corrupted
  • Verac the Defiled

Getting there

Talk to the Wizard at home and go to Minigames - Barrows

The Minigame:

You have to kill six brothers to complete this minigame.
Digging with a spade on top of the mounds will land the player inside a crypt belonging to one of the brothers.
Searching the sarcophag within the crypts will spawn one of the Barrows brothers.


Players should use protection prayers to negate all damage from these NPCs, except Verac who can hit through protection prayers.

Protect from Magic against Ahrim.
Protect from Melee against Dharok, Guthan, Torag.
Protect from Missiles against Karil.

Medium level:

Low level: