Combat level:225
Max hit:16
Aggressive :Yes
Poison:Yes (20)
Attack style:Stab

How to get there:

There are 3 ways to get there:
1, Buy Annakarl teleport tabs from Head Chef at home for 2500gp, then run north past Chaos Elemental spot to Scorpia's lair.

2, Talk to the wizard at home, go to "Wilderness" option, then select "Deserted keep" Make sure to have a weapon which can cut the web.

3, Go to "::44s" , set the wilderness obelisk to level 50, and teleport there.


Make sure to bring Anti-venoms, or Antidotes


Scorpia is a powerful Wilderness boss capable of poisoning her opponents starting at 20 damage as well as hitting up to 16 with melee.
An effective way of killing Scorpia is to utilize her low magic defence by using binding or freeze spells (e.g. Entangle, Ice Blitz, or Ice Barrage) and farcasting her.

Rare loots:

Notice:the drop rates change depending on account type/donator rank/boosts