Combat level:204
Max hit:14 (standard)
24 (special)
Aggressive :Yes
Attack style:Ranged, Crush

How to get there:

The fastest way to get there is buying Draeyak teleports from Head Chef at Home, for 2500gp.

You can also type ::wests, and run North to ruins.

It is recommended to use Magic armour with a trident.

Example setup:
(You can also use regular trident of the seas, if you don't have trident of the swamp.)

Killing Crazy archaeologist is pretty easy, just activate protect from missiles(Range pray) and Augury (If you don't have Augury unlocked, Mystic might is also good.)
He has a special attack of explosive books as soon as he says, "Rain of knowledge!" The best way to avoid it is by keeping a considerable distance, and running towards him until you are two squares away from it (this way, you will avoid Melee damage), and repeating the same steps over and over, you will minimise the chance of receiving damage.

Rare loots:

Notice:the drop rates change depending on account type/donator rank/boosts