Mining and Smithing Guide

First off there are a few ways to benefit and get more XP when completing these skills, including donator ranks and the skilling outfits, these cose 40 bonds each outfit.

Where to mine: there are 2 main places to mine, at home at the custom area, which is located south east of the home teleport or at 60+ mining the Mining Guild.

Mining Outfit - Prospector Outfit - Contains 4 pieces

Smithing - Goldsmith Gloves (x2.5 smith xp for gold ore) (These give bonus xp for all other opres/bars too)

Click Here! For more information about bonds.

Tips and Tricks
  • The Mining Guild gives a +7 hidden boost, making mining faster and more efficient but banks are scarce.
  • When Smithing make Dart Tips, this will make fletching faster, if you are already 99 fletching then platebodys/kiteshields are the fastest depening on your level.
  • Relics - There are several relics that can help speed up smelting and smithing processes, and help save bars, increase your mining yield. Take a look in the bond pouch - relics for further info.
  • You can buy Coal from the Skilling Seller for 500gp ea, so don't worry about having to mine a load of coal

Unidentified Minerals
Unidentified minerals are randomly collected though mining, they can be sold to the skilling seller for 100k each (25k on Ironman). They can also be exchanged for Mining Gloves, there are 3 tiers of the gloves, each requiring the ones before and have effects as listed below.

Mining Gloves (lvl 20)

Superior Mining Gloves (lvl 55)

Expert Mining Gloves (lvl 70)

Coal Bag (Can carry 30 coal for smelting)

Iron pickaxe 1 - 6
Steel pickaxe 6 - 21
Mithril Pickaxe 21 - 31
Adamant pickaxe 31- 41
Rune pickaxe 41 - 61
Dragon Pickaxe 61 - 99 [Has a special attack that gives +3 mining]
3rd Age Pickaxe 61 - 99 [Has a special attack that gives +3 mining]
Infernal Pickaxe 61 - 99 [Req. 85 Smithing and Smoulder Stone] [Chance to smelt ore as it is mined]

Copper and Tin Ores 1 - 15
Iron ore 15 - 30
Coal 30 - 40
Gold 40 - 55/92 Depending if you are just wanting to do gold Bars for 99 Smithing
Mithril Ore 55 - 70
Adamantite Ore 70 -85
Runite ore 85 - 92
Amethyst 92 - 99 (can be cut on site with a chisel)

Bronze bar - 1 Tin and 1 Copper Ore [level 1]
Iron bar - 1x Iron ore (50% chance) [level 15]
Steel bar - 2x Coal & 1x Iron ore [level 30]
Gold bar - Gold ore [level 40]
Mithril bar - 4x Coal & 1x Mithril ore [level 50]
Adamantite bar - 6x Coal & 1x Adamantite ore [level 70]
Runite bar - 8x Coal and 1x Runite ore [level 85]