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    Hello Everyone this is the first time i make a guide

    First of all for this Boss you need 85 slayer lvl to kill and it counts as abyssal demons task

    Once you know the mechanics its a easy boss to do

    How to get here teleport
    First of all talk to the wizard and select Bosses then you click on Abyssal nexus Teleport

    Later when you are teleported there are 4 Rooms for you to choose

    Lets start for the stats you will be needing to do this boss

    High combat stats. Although not required, see the skill levels below for an indication of the advised stats:
    Attack 90 or higher
    Strength 90 or higher
    Defence 90 or higher
    Ranged 90 or higher
    Hitpoints 90 or higher
    Magic 92 or higher

    Its Required that you change to Ancients Spellbook to use the Shadow Barrage to blind the boss

    There is a total of 3 phase for this boss and 4 Respiratory systems that you need to destroy before.

    Phase 1
    Use Shadow Barrage to blind him

    Once you blind the Boss attack the Respiratory Systems with ranged

    When all Respiratory systems are down the boss will walk down the throne
    Time to Pot up super combat pots and AntiVenom++

    Phase 2
    This phase its very simple and easy
    The boss will start attacking with Melee so use protect from Melee and watch out for the poison pool he spawns under your character this pool do constant dmg and you must move atleast 2 tiles away or you will get hit by it.
    Once the boss is at half health it will walk down to the middle

    Phase 3
    Theres 2 stages of this phase but its the same as phase 2
    Pray Range in this stage

    Phase 3 stage 1
    Once the boss walk down the middle he will spawns some minions and the poision pools can be easily avoided by moving left and right. Select two tiles that are within melee range (make sure they're out of the reach of the tentacles)

    Once the boss has reach 139 Hitpoints it will start stage 2

    Phase 3 stage 2
    As soon as the Sire reaches 139 Hitpoints or lower, it will teleport the player to the south, on the western edge of the safe middle zone.
    when you get teleported run away from the boss or you will take massive damage
    Same strategy attack and move back to avoid the poision pools.

    Armour Recommendations from best to least effective
    Slayer Mask (I) Black Mask
    Amulet of torture Amulet of fury Amulet of glory
    Infernal Cape Fire Cape
    Bandos Chestplate Justiciar chestguard Barrows Body Fighter Torso
    Bandos Tasset Justiciar Legs Barrow Legs Dragon Platelegs
    Arclight-Blowpipe for Respiratory Vents Scythe-Bow of faerdhinen for Respiratory Vents Zamorak Hasta-Crystal Bow for Respiratory Vents
    Avernic Defender Dragon defender Dragonfire Shield
    Rada Blessing God Blessing
    Ferocious Gloves Barrow Gloves
    Primordial Boots Dragon Boots Guardian Boots Rune Boots
    Berserker Ring(I) Ring of sufferin(I) Warriors Ring (I)

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    Aug 2021
    AsukaYen screenshots and copy paste gear progression? Cmon dude

    Armour recommendation is missing gear switches.

    Step 1 is a bit misleading and uninformative. You typically have enough time to kill 2 respiratory systems until you need to stun him a 2nd time. You'll know that you need to stun him again because the tentacles will be active.

    Stage 3 "just run away from the boss", you only need to run 2 tiles away.

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    Apr 2020
    Nice one

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