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    Hello everyone, Here is an updated quest list with all guides and videos showing you how to quickly and efficiently do your quests in Battlescape, images posted for the shops show the rewards as an ironman, some of these rewards may not be in the shops for regular players and may be located in Ajjats shops for general items. Main quest rewards will be noted however in each section. All of the quests are located in the quest shop, which is south west of the home teleport.

    Monkey Madness
    Spoiler for :
    The Monkey Madness quest is really straight forward, the only real requirements or recommendations are:
    37 Prayer for Protect from Magic
    50+ Magic to cast Ibans Blast or better
    10 Lobsters or better food
    2 Prayer pots, just in case.
    A teleport out just in case your feeling unsure.

    Video Guide:

    Ironman Shop Rewards

    The main reward from this quest is the Seed pod, which is a 1 click tele home and works up to level 30 wild, and you cannot lose

    Dragon Slayer

    Spoiler for :

    Dragon Slayer is another easy quest to complete and can be done with mediocre stats, and takes only a short amount of time to complete.

    Anti-dragon shield - Can be purchased from Ajjat

    60+ Range
    Base 40's + in combat stats
    15+ Lobsters or better food
    Super Combat set or Ranging Potion

    Video Guide:

    Ironman Shop Rewards

    Evil Dave Quest - Darklight
    Spoiler for :

    Super set
    Special attack weapon
    10+ reasonable food
    70+ Attack and Strength
    Protection Prayers

    Video Guide:

    Horror from the Deep

    Spoiler for :
    In this quest you need to kill the Dagannoth Mother, who will continue to change what she is weak to every few hits, each colour of her skin has a different weakness, below is a quick and easy guide.

    Recommendations + Requirements
    40+ Prayer
    10+ reasonable food
    2 Prayer pots if you are a lower prayer level
    61+ Range
    59+ Magic for Blast spells.

    Gear Example

    Dagannoth Mother Colours and what they are weak to

    White = Air Spells
    Blue = Water Spells
    Orange = Melee
    Brown = Earth Spells
    Red = Fire Spells
    Green = Range attacks

    Video Guide:


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    Lost City Quest
    Spoiler for :

    Recommendations and Requirements

    You cannot take armour or weapons into this quest!
    Base 40's + in combat stats to kill the Zombies
    20+ reasonable food
    59+ Magic for Blast spells + Enough runes so you don't run out!

    Video Guide:


    Lunar Diplomacy
    Spoiler for :

    Recommendations and Requirements

    You cannot take potions or use prayer in this quest!

    70+ Range for hides and rune crossbow or better
    40+ Defence
    28 Monkfish or better

    Video Guide:


    Recipe for Disaster
    Spoiler for :
    This is the old guide as is not fully updated
    Disclaimer: All bosses must be killed in 1 go, you CANNOT kill one, bank and come back.

    This quest can be started northeast of home inside the hut by clicking on the chest:

    Recommended Gear: (ava's and regular mage cape in place of my max capes)

    Swap out this gear with closest you have, Essentially you want to bring magic and range at the minimum, melee is a plus. On hardmode and regular modes you can buy all your supplies at the head chef. On Iron modes, you can do wilderness barrows/normal barrows to get supplies for this.

    These are the bosses you will have to face:

    Agrith-Na-Na: Range Agrith with d'hide on.
    Flambeed: Entangle flambeed, and then cast spells on it/range it to kill him. Ensure to keep entangling and running away. Any time he hits you, it will take off your items.
    Karamel: Range Karamel with d'hide on.
    Dessourt: Range and run around room, or entangle then range, rinse repeat.
    Gelatinnoth Mother: Make sure she is constantly entangled. Follow the picture below on what colors mean what. Always stand next to her, if you need to eat, stand under her (reason for entangling). If you don't have a specific attack for her, stand under her. She can hit a max of about 23 23 at the same time. Her range attack is the deadliest.

    Culinomancer: Range him, extremely easy.

    After you have completed the miniquest, return to the chest for access to your barrows gloves.

    Haunted Mine
    Spoiler for :
    This is the old guide as new one isnt fully complete
    Requirements - 35 Crafting
    Items needed - Stamina Potions (Optional), Chisel, few pieces of food, armour and weapon to kill the end boss.

    To start the quest speak to Zealot at the quest building, and teleport to the haunted mine.

    Once there walk slightly west, and climb over the mine cart.

    Walk a little south west and crawl down the cart tunnel.

    Once you enter the mine, run all the way west until you reach the cart tunnel, and crawl through it.

    Once there, crawl down the southern cart tunnel.

    Run east a little, go down the ladder.

    Again run east a little, go down the next ladder.

    From here run slightly north then west towards the cart track. Wait for the mine cart to travel south before running to the enclave pictured below. *Avoiding the enclave will result inbeing hit by the cart will take you down the track resulting in repetitive damage being taken*

    Wait for the mine cart to travel past you north, then run south towards the ladder and go down.

    Once down the ladder, run north east a few tiles, and pick the glowing fungus.

    Once you have the glowing fungus, head north then west and then click on the mine cart, it should disappear, as well as your glowing fungus which you will obtain back in the next steps of the quest.

    Now teleport home, speak to zealot, and head back to the Haunted mine.

    Once you enter the Haunted mine again, head west and climb down the ladder.

    From there, head east and then north towards the next ladder, and go down.

    From there, head west, and then north, go down the ladder.

    Search the mine cart to obtain your glowing fungus, and head back up the ladder

    Head back east until you reach the moving mine cart, wait for it to travel south then run towards the next ladder and go down.

    From there head to the south-east corner until you reach the lift and go down.

    From here, go south then east along the corridor and go down the stairs.

    Then go west and enter the room. Once inside the room, try to take the "Innocent-looking key" When you do so, Treus Dayth (level 95) will appear, he is relatively easy, also there's a few obstacles in the room that may cause slight damage so be wary.

    After you have defeated Treus Dayth attempt to take the key again, this time it will appear in your inventory.

    Leave the room to your east and go back up the stairs.

    Now take the corridor all the way west, until you reach the next set of stairs and go down.

    From there, head a east a little, then take the southern door.

    Then head south, then east until you reach the first "Crystal outcrop" and cut it to obtain a salve shard and now you complete the quest.

    How to make the Salve Amulet

    Head to the shops at home, purchase a ball of wool from the Master Crafter, use ball of wool on the salve shard, Salve Amulet is now created.

    How to obtain the Salve Amulet (e)
    Head to Zealot at home and view the shop, purchase Tarn's diary which costs 1M coins. Use the Salve Amulet on the diary to create Salve Amulet (e)

    How to make the Salve Amulet (ei)
    Once you have made your Salve Amulet and upgraded it to Salve Amulet (e), head to the vote shop inside Edgeville bank "Lanthus" the cost to upgrade is 8 vote tickets + Salve Amulet (ei)

    Differences between the amulets.

    Salve Amulet - The salve amulet raises the wearer's Attack and Strength by 15% while attacking undead monsters. Note this does not stack with the slayer helmet, however it does work with void.

    Salve Amulet (e) - Similar to the Salve Amulet but with a 20% increase rather than 15%.

    Salve Amulet (ei) - Has the 20% increase to Attack and Strength but with the addition of Magic and Range being boosted by 20% also.

    Legends Quest
    Spoiler for :
    *This is the old Guide as new one is not completed*
    Skill Requirements:

    - 50 Agility
    - 50 Strength
    (Contrary to popular belief, neither herblore nor thieving are a requirement on Battle-Scape)

    Item Requirements:

    - 1 Soul rune, 1 Mind, 1 Earth rune, 2 Law runes
    - Lockpick
    - Rope
    - Gear to fight Nezikchened (the Black Demon) that uses melee & mage attacks
    - A prayer potion (recommended)

    Quest Requirements:

    Completion of:
    *Monkey Madness
    *Horror From the Deep
    *Arclight Quest
    *Dragon Slayer
    *Lost City
    *Lunar Diplomacy
    *Recipe For Disaster
    *Haunted Mine
    *Mage Arena

    The Quest

    1. Start off by speaking to Radimus Erkle, in the quest building.

    2. Once inside the dungeon, search the bookshelf to be taken through into another room.

    3. Open the gate (requires having a lockpick in inventory).

    4. Make your way past the boulders, through the door, run past the bats and then climb over the agility obstacle.

    5. Search the markings on the wall to enter the next room [make sure you have A Soul, Mind, Earth & 2 Law Runes on the first row of your inventory in that exact order]

    6. Once inside the room, pick up binding book and teleport out.

    7. Go back to Radimus Erkle, re-enter the dungeon, and make your way through the flames where Ungadulu is.

    8. Speak to Ungadulu to begin fighting the demon [the demon's first hit will drain your prayer]

    9. When you defeat the demon, make your way back through the dungeon into the room you picked up the binding book at and go through the door.

    10. Use your rope on the winch to go down [this is required every time you go down though you keep the rope you use]

    11. Go down the path, stepping past the rocks until you reach the bottom. There are 3 different NPC's in the area: Ranalph Devere (level 92), Irvig Senay (level 100), and San Tojalon (level 106). You need to kill one of each as they drop a crystal piece needed for the quest.

    12. Take the 3 pieces of the crystal to the furnace at the north east and use them on the furnace to create the crystal heart.

    13. Go back to the middle of the room and use the heart on the mossy rock.

    14. Go south and use the glowing crystal on the heart shaped recess next to the barrier.

    15. Follow the path west past the lesser demons untill you get to a boulder. Search the boulder for a dagger and teleport out.

    16. Go Back to Radimus Erkle to re-enter the dungeon and back through the flames to speak to Ungadulu who will give you a scroll.

    17. Go all the way back to the boulder and activate the scroll.

    18. The demon will appear for the final time [will drain your prayer with the 1st hit]. Slay the demon to complete the quest.

    Feel free to point out anything I might have missed.
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    When the crystal heart is made, you dont use it on the wall near shimmering field, but simply "search recess" and it adds the heart autmatically


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    Quote Originally Posted by PigIron View Post
    FOR IRONS - Godbooks cost 1mil each, overlay doesnt show prices,
    Prices do show up if given time to, and the Price of the books is 100k for Zammy/Sara/Guthix and 500k for Bandos/Arma/Ancient no matter what account.


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    how come dont show all quest bruh


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    it explains 9 quests. I only see 8 people to get quests off. and I'd really like to know who is for what quest, haven't played runescape in a while and was never a big leveler anyway because I don't have time. I really need a dumbed down explanation here.


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    If you click on the drop downs for each of the guides, you will be able to see who you need to speak to in regards to each quest, some may be in video format, others via step by step screenshots.

    The RFD quest can be started via the bank chest within the questing room.


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    Legend! Glad i came across this, i haven't done many of these before. thanks


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    Thanks a whole tonne for this it was super helpful!

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