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    Apr 2020
    Hunter Guide *Updated*

    Before beginning you Hunter journey there's a few items you need to pick up, for lower levels you should buy a Bird Snare Trap, a Butterfly Net, and several Butterfly Jars, all of which can be purchased form the Skilling Seller located in the Donator Zone of east of home in the skilling hut.

    Hunters Outfit - Larupia Set - This can be purchased from the in-game bond store for 40 bonds, the set is a 3 piece outfit that gives the user a 10% bonus to their experience, this stacks with donator ranks. For more information about bonds
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    Fast 1-99 Guide

    1-15 Crimson Swifts (Corsair Cove | City Teleports | Located North East)
    15-25 Ruby Butterflies (Piscatoris | Skills Teleports)
    25-35 Sapphire Glacialis (Rellekka | Fairy Ring (DKS) then north)
    35-45 Snowy knight (Rellekka | Fairy Ring Teleport (DKS) then north)
    45-53 Black Warlock (Corsair Cove | City Teleports | Located in the Forest North West)
    53-63 Grey chins (Piscatoris Hunter Area | Skilling Teleports | Located East )
    63-99 Red chins (Corsair Cove | City Teleports | Located North West) or (Donator Zone | City Teleports or ::dz | South east *Need to be a donator to access it*)
    73-99 Black chins (::chins | Level 33 Wilderness *This is a dangerous and active pk spot ) or (Donator Zone | City Teleports or ::dz | Upper Donator Zone West of Teleport *Need to be a Dragonstone+ donator to access it*)
    83-99 Dragon Imps (Puro-Puro | Minigames Teleports)

    Special Thanks to Chunga who's old guides where used to create this.
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    Fairy ring AIP is closer for red chins.

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    Use dz cave

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