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    Apr 2020
    Bonds are a form of in game currency, and allow users to purchase a range items from the Bond store. They also give uses Donator Ranks which give them access to a Donator Zone with extra skilling facility's and features, a drop bonus and an XP bonus.

    How much are Bonds?
    Bonds are Approx. 5 USD for 50 Bonds, Buying more bonds gives you a Bonus, reward you with a small amount of extra bonds

    Alternatively you can contact Xei in game or on discord (Xei#6827) to pay with OSRS GP (10m OSRS = 50 Bonds)

    How much are Bonds in game?
    Bonds sell for approximately 700k-1m (Updated March 2021) each. They can be bought and sold to other players, or traded to Ironmen as payment for items.

    How do they work? How do I get Ranks?
    Ranks are achieved by having a Combined Total number of bond, this is determined by the number of bonds you have purchased from the website and the number you have spent on the account to purchase items from the bond shop, those items can be seen below. Talk to Cap'n Bond in the bank just north of the Home tele to view the bond interface and have a look around the shop.
    NOTE Bonds in your pouch do not count towards your total.

    What do Donators get?
    There are Several ranks:

    Sapphire - 100 Bonds
    Emerald - 500 Bonds
    Ruby - 1000 Bonds
    Diamond - 5000 Bonds
    Dragonstone - 10,000 Bonds
    Onyx - 20,000 Bonds

    Zenyte - 30,000 Bonds

    Each rank gives you a 0.1 XP and Drop rate boost, give a bonus Chace to pick up the items you can toggle effects on and gives a new skin colour. Just from getting Sapphire rank you are able to access the Donator Zone and the extra Effects that come with with a donator. If you want to see more for yourself here is a quick clip to show you where to go within game, or you can see the images below.

    Other bonus's granted apply to GWD (God Wars Dungeon) where Emerald ranks receive x2 kc per kill, Ruby x3 and Diamond+ x4, allowing for you to get into any boss faster and save more supplies to challenge the GWD Bosses

    New Updates for Donator Ranks!
    There have been a few new additions to the donation rank perks and effects, these include; free auto completed clues from Watson, A higher chance to get a superior slayer monster, and reduced penalty's in CoX for dying.

    So, what can I buy with bonds?
    You can buy a variety of items (NOTE - Ironmen have a limited shop where items cannot be bought)

    Skilling Boxes - which contain skilling items(including zenyte/onyx's)
    Mystery Boxes - which contain items such as 3rd-age, party hats and High tier armour and weapons.
    Drop scroll boosts - which give you an additional 1.25 Drop boost.
    Skilling outfits - which grant bonus XP in their respected skills. You can also Buy pet Mystery Boxes(rolls a random pet from skilling to boss pets.)
    Herb Sack and Seed Box - which give you DOUBLE the amount of seed/herb drops.

    These item's are possible mystery box rewards. And on the end the pet mystery box rewards.

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    Great guide man. Definitely will help with the new players joining and thinking about spending some money.


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    Great guide but very gay colours, i wonder why..?


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    i miss the old ranks

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