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    Apr 2020
    2023 Donator Information Guide

    What are Bonds?
    Bonds are an in-game currency, that can be traded across all account types. They also are the main way in which you can achieve and grow your Donator Ranks. With being a donator, you gain a range of special effect, drop and experience bonuses and access to the exclusive Donator Zone.

    Bonds can be purchased though any of the payment options on the store, or though OSRS GP (This can only be done with an Administrator, trading with players will result in bans and the items being deleted)

    To donate via OSRS GP, contact XEI in game or discord at xei_official (Xei#6827)
    When you purchase bonds, you will receive the amount stated in physical form, these can be used to trade, sell, purchase items from the store, purchase relics and more. You will also gain “purchased rank” this is a permanent mark on your account, meaning you can reap the rewards of being a Donator even if you wish to only purchase the bonds to sell for items/gold in game.

    Bond and Donator Interface:
    To view your bond interface there are a few methods:
    Talk with Cap’n Bond, who is located in the North-West part of the Bank at home.
    Settings tab > Bond Icon

    Ranks Explained:
    There are several different ranks, each rank gain more experience and drop boost as they go on though the tiers, along with this they also have other affects with will be listed below. Your donator rank is based off your Combined Total, this is how many bonds you have purchased from the store and how many you have redeemed in game though the store for items or relics. Bonds that are in your pouch/inventory do not count towards your rank.

    Donator Ranks & Benefits:

    Below is a more detailed layout of what each rank gains from the previous tiers, under the table is extra information regarding donator unlocks, including a list of Donator Effects. Please note that the +number next to the Daily Skilling Tasks is the number of extra options you will gain each day to choose from.

    Donator Extras:
    Sapphire Rank will unlock:
    - The ability to set your Home Teleport Location
    - Donator Zone Access
    - Daily Slayer Skip Tokens
    - Access to Practice the Inferno (with your own items)
    - The Donator Effects list which can be seen below...

    Emerald Rank will unlock:
    - The ability to Practice the Inferno Minigame with spawned items/stats.

    All Ranks:
    Each rank also comes with its own coloured skin, this can be changed and added to your character via the bond interface.

    Donator Zone Information:
    There are lots of cool and exciting things about the Donator Zone, these will be listed separately to not overload this thread, you can find that thread explaining all the benefits of the area HERE (pending)

    Bond Store Information:
    Similarly there will be a new thread explaining the Donator Shop, What the skilling outfits do, what you can get in a Mystery Box... Click HERE to access that!

    Thread is up to date as of the 01/01/23
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    Aug 2021
    Great guide man. Definitely will help with the new players joining and thinking about spending some money.


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    Mar 2021
    Great guide but very gay colours, i wonder why..?


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    Oct 2016
    i miss the old ranks


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    Jul 2023
    The pick up option doesn't work for certain items.. bones etc


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    As shown above the auto-pickup when toggled on only has a % chance to work based off your rank.

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