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    Sep 2016
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    The Gauntlet

    The boss has been released! Find out if you have what it takes to defeat the Hunllef using gear provided by the elves. Be warned though; deaths are considered unsafe!

    Theatre of Blood Changes

    • Ornament kits can now be attached to the weapons.
    • Exploding nylocas will now correctly face you when walking toward you to more easily see which is targeting you.
    • Mutagens now count as a poison item toward nylocas.
    • Added a small delay from when the exploding nylocas animation starts and when damage is given.
    • Fixed Verzik’s max melee hit on phase 2 and phase 3.
    • Fixed a small issue with Verzik’s electric ball.
    • Some changes have been made to tornadoes to make them easier to run through.
    • Improved the vial of blood drop rate.
    • Fixed rare loot tracking.

    In Other News

    • Most missing food and drinks have been added to the supplies shop for normal mode.
    • The swift blade price has been adjusted in the tournament shop.
    • Ecumenical keys and blighted sacks have been added to the tournament shop.
    • Nail beasts will now drop 1-4 nails instead of just 1.
    • Updated the visuals of the slayer helmets.
    • Mith seed prices from bonds have been adjusted.
    • Fixed the giant mole Falador task.
    • Fixed the harmonized staff having an autocast attack delay.
    • Fixed DDing with monsters.
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    Beautiful update my friend. Can't wait to see more!

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    Keep em coming

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