This is Split Clan. A clan designed to link PVM players together in teams of up to 4. We ensure fair play, as far as loots go, for the entire team! With that being said, we aim to also be a place players can come to find our list of accounts who violate the standards of loot sharing in Battle-Scape.

To join the Clan, Join "Iron dudes" CC

All Battle-Scape rules will be followed while you are in this clan. If you violate a game rule at any time, you are subject to removal from the clan. We talk shit, but we are not a toxic community and we will not be affiliated with rule breaking players. If you have no place on the server, then you have no place in our clan.
If your team agrees to step outside of these lootshare terms, then that is between that team only and a ranking clansman will recognize your agreements.

1. Absolutely all valuable loot is to be shared evenly amongst the players involved. Alts are the exception

2. All Alternate accounts have to be announced prior to killing and obtaining loots.

3. Alt accounts should also be in the clan chat.

4. Team members are not required to share loot with Alt accounts, but Alts are subject to the loot split terms when they acquire a loot.

5. If a player is not present for the drop, there is no obligation to include said account in the share.

6. If a player did no damage to the NPC, there is no obligation to include said account in the share.

7. Players may be voted off a team if a vote is held to remove said player and the majority are in favor.

8. SHERIFF'S SALE! To ensure an even split, team members may call for a "Sheriff's Sale" vote in which the team can vote to have the loot given to a ranking clansman who will sell and divide the loot. (No team agreement needed)
8a. No verified clan member shall charge a fee for Sheriff Selling.

9. Always obtain photo proof of drops. Be sure to photo the chat as well as the item if given the chance.

10. All team members must agree on the pricing of the loot before the loot can be sold. If an agreement can not be reached, the loot will be traded to a ranking clan member who will conduct a Sheriff Sale.

11. If you feel someone is not conducting business in a fair manner, contact a ranking clan member.
11a. If someone is breaking an in-game rule, first contact a Battle-Scape staff member to report it. Then contact a ranking clan member.

Decisions made by a higher ranking clan member are final and should be respected. If you disagree with a decision made, contact iron dudes to appeal the decision. Again, include photos and any evidence you have.
Any member found to be deceitfully using alternate accounts will be punished and/or removed from the clan.


With the current schematics of the game, we only allow groups of up to 4 per team. Ironman is welcome, but their are special terms for a special account.
Ironman accounts must adhere to the above rules as well as must understand the following:

1. May join teams consisting of both basic and/or other ironman accounts.

2. Will not be able to join lootshares and is obviously not required to share loot.

3. May join teams of no more than 4 total accounts.

4. Are not subject to give up their place on any team to a basic player, unless voted out by the majority of the team.