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  1. Verzik Vitur, Pawn Shop, and AFK Skilling  - 06-27-2021 #1

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    Sep 2016
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    Grand Exchange Pawn Shop
    The Exchange Pawn Shop has been added! It will buy any items for 80% of its OSRS exchange value or high alch value, whichever is higher. Regular mode users will be able to buy items from the shop as well as sell to it, while ironmen will only be able to sell to it.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the stepless clue relic.
    • Fixed searching for items on the Grand Exchange.
    • Fixed AFK Wintertodt not being interactable.
    • Fixed the AFK Tempoross despawning like other fish.
    • Fixed not being able to de-group your account through Adam.
    • Fixed missing map icons such as the Slayer icon.

    Previous Update Details
    • Verzik Vitur has been released! Fight her for a chance at ToB items.
    • AFK skilling has been added above the home fishing docks. These can be used to AFK skills while you’re away from your computer for a handful of hours before your player will stop.
    • The infernal cape and 3rd age have been added to the Vote Shop.
    • Custom monster coin drops have been replaced with coin pouch drops of different tiers.
    • A stepless clue relic has been added to skip all clue steps.
    • Lowered the Wilderness Slayer combat requirement to 75.
    • Changed the Mage Arena 2 minigame to consist only of the bosses.

    Previous Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an infernal wave skip bug.
    • Fixed infernal pillars being invisible on relog.
    • Fixed Jad glitching when walking under it.
    • Fixed the rune defender (t) not counting for the Warriors Guild basement.
    • Fixed the Falador Diary Warriors Guild task.
    • Fixed the exchange offers have changed appearing even when nothing has changed.
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