50M OSGP Event

Hello everyone, it's time for another weekend OSGP event!

Running through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (May 28th-30th), is a 50M OSGP event! The event officially starts today and ends at 8 PM Sunday, EST (in-game clock)!

This event has one category which can be viewed on the hiscores ingame:

1. The player with the most wilderness slayer tasks completed.

First place will get 35M, second place will get 15M, and third place will get 50 bonds. First and second place can opt-out of OSGP for bonds if they would prefer it.

Additionally, we have a 10% off bond sale going on for the weekend!

  • The Grand Exchange has been reworked to make everything feel like the same system and increased the number of slots available to 16.
  • The Ardougne max cape teleports have been added.
  • The Armadyl crossbow drop rate has been changed from 1/08 to 1/384 (RS3 drop rate).
  • Zenyte drops from demonic gorillas will now be announced.
  • The crafting relic now only applies 5% for onyx and 2.5% for zenyte, rather than 25%.
  • Fixed an issue with the prayer relic breaking prayer drain.
  • Fixed Skotizo not dropping items when the treasure seeker relic is unlocked.
  • Fixed the Runecrafting daily tasks.
  • Fixed bloodbark healing too much.
  • Fixed leather-related tasks counting for only 1 even if the item made consumes multiple leather.
  • Fixed the Abyssal Sire fume damage hitting too high.
  • Fixed the Abyssal Sire not becoming immediately disoriented if you first attack it with shadow barrage.