Ironman Changes
  • Ironmen can now trade hardcore ironmen in the same group.
  • The fighter torso has been added to the PvP Tournament shop.
  • The group purge button now includes the users that would be affected.
  • Fixed groups being limited to 4 members instead of 5.
  • Fixed group purging not working if there are non-group users in the Clan Chat.

Creepy Crawly Changes
  • Shop prices for untradeables have been reduced by roughly 40%.
  • Earlier rounds have been made easier.
  • The point increase cutoff for how many rounds you complete has been doubled.
  • The total spawn limit for a round will no longer increase past round 20.

In Other News
  • Group ironman and some donator icons have been tweaked.
  • A PvP Tournament has been added to 10AM game time.
  • A catch em all relic that boosts pet drop rates has been added.
  • Skilling mystery boxes now give two item rolls.
  • Added a deposit box to the top half of the skilling house.
  • The Crafting and Smithing daily task quantities have been increased.
  • Fixed a handful of skilling tick speeds that were incorrect to OSRS.
  • Fixed daily Thieving tasks not showing the name of the task.
  • Fixed 4-dose potions not counting toward daily Herblore tasks.
  • Fixed the discord chat icon.