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    NOTE: PC users will need to close and re-open their clients after the update to avoid crashes. Mobile users will need to download and re-install the mobile client to avoid crashes.

    Group Ironman
    Group ironman has been released! Create a group ironman account, and team up with up to 5 other players in normal or hardcore!

    You can speak to Adam to manage your group. Changing your group requires you to be the owner of the Clan Chat everyone is in. From here, you can send invites to players in the Clan Chat or reduce your group down to your existing group members currently in the Clan Chat.

    Note: You can only join a group once. However, you can invite new group accounts to your group at any time. This means that two players who have joined different groups can never be in the same group.

    Purging a group when you are the Clan Chat owner results in any current group members not in the Clan Chat being removed. You can use this to remove players you no longer want in your group or no longer play but does require anyone you want to stay in your group to be in your Clan Chat. Purging your group and no one else is in your Clan Chat is the same as leaving the group. The other members will continue to be a group unless they also individually purge or purge out specific players.

    Hardcore ironman groups can trade each other, but if you lose your hardcore status you will no longer be able to trade your other group members. If they also lose their hardcore status, you will again be able to trade them. Alternatively, you can be removed from the group and create a new hardcore group account, and be re-added to the group.

    Home Location Resize

    The home map has been adjusted to bring places such as shops closer to the bank. Areas such as the skilling area have been unchanged.


    Relics are a new system to give you minor boosts to different activities, which can be purchased with bonds. They can be pulled up through your bond pouch.

    In Other News

    The number of minnows you'll catch while fishing has been increased by 1.5x.
    The top 3 players of each PvP tournament will be given 1 bond.
    You'll be given 1 bond for voting.
    You'll be given 1 bond for completing a daily skilling task.
    Fixed herblore, thieving, and blood/soul runecrafting daily tasks.
    Fixed the tiny tempor pet.
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