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  1. Ardougne Diaries, Bonecrusher, and Inferno Practice Spawning  - 04-09-2021 #1

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    Sep 2016
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    • The Inferno practice now has an option to use spawned items and stats for emerald users.
    • Diamond users will now skip to wave 60 in the Fight Cave and the Inferno.
    • Dragonstone users will now skip to jad for the Fight Cave and the Inferno.
    • The Ardougne diaries have been added.
    • The bonecrusher and the bonecrusher necklace have been added.
    • The bonecrusher can be purchased from the slayer store for 100 slayer points.
    • It can be charged with Ecto-tokens, which can be purchased with bones from the Ghost captain at the Chapel.
    • The cost to activate the well of goodwill has been lowered to 15M.
    • The Ardougne cloak has been added to the diary shop.
    • Fixed the easter basket not being one-handed.
    • Fixed the skeleton lantern and hunting knife animations.
    • Fixed chickens not being attackable.
    • Fixed target teleport tab not consuming the tab.
    • Fixed an issue that made npc's unattackable.
    • Fixed equipping easter items.
    • Added making of the burning amulet, and the teleports to it.
    • Separated cursed and normal unsired announcements.

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    Jun 2020
    ahh very nice update especially the well! so glad the price was cut in half.

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    Oct 2017
    Very cool! I love this updatemr palidino! i really like that I can attack npcs now!

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