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    Sep 2016
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    • An Easter event has been added! Collect tokens like previous holiday events for rares, such as through slayer and the bunny boss!
    • A loot interface has been added, which can be toggled off/on through advanced options. This makes it easier to grab items on the ground, especially for mobile users.
    • The wild grave event total time has been raised to 45 minutes, and a proper message has been added for when the event ends.
    • Fixed certain items not going to Death's collect properly during the grave event (items that break such as the abyssal tentacle).
    • Ring of wealth enchanting has been added.
    • Rare, gem, and mega-rare drop tables have been added to the same monsters as OSRS.
    • Jormungands missing prison steps have been added.
    • Further adjusted the Barrows drop rate between the pre-buff and buff.
    • Fixed the dragon pickaxe (or) revert option.
    • Fixed the aberrant spectre location message for slayer tasks.
    • Fixed the inquisitor's mace placeholder.
    • Fixed autocast selection canceling.
    • Fixed the bounty target teletab.
    • Fixed the ruby bolt (e) spec not recoiling damage to you.
    • Fixed the creepy crawly zapper.
    • Fixed cursed monster drop announcements not being global after their relocation.
    • Fixed an issue with a tiny bit of wild ditch that still remains.'''

    OSGP Weekend
    Running through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 26th to 28th), is a 50M OSGP event! The event officially starts today and ends at 8 PM Sunday, EST (in-game clock)! Rewards are 25M OSGP per category.

    This event has two categories which can be viewed on the hiscores ingame:

    1. The player with the highest Wilderness Slayer Tasks completed.

    2. The player with the higher amount of Boss Slayer tasks completed.

    (Staff/Alts aren't participating this weekend)

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    Apr 2020
    Poggers! nice updates

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    Jun 2020
    Aamzing can't wait to do this easter mini-game and try to get a rare this time

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    Oct 2016

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