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    This weekend OSGP event details! Friday-Sunday, the players with the top two most tournament wins will win 25M OSGP! The second winner will be pushed down the list until it's a different player than #1 (no alt accounts for winning 50M).

    Please take a moment to vote here!

    Wilderness Gravestone Event
    • A new event has been added to the wild, which takes place between 5 PM and 5:30 PM EST (game clock).
    • During this time, dying in the wild will send all your unprotected items to Death's Retrieval, even if you died to another player.
    • The player who killed you will receive coins equal to 80% of the cost to buy back your items from Death, excluding stacked and noted items.
    • A 5-minute remaining warning will be sent to any players in the wild during the event.

    • The Ferox Enclave safe zones will now work like OSRS, where you can be attacked inside them if you're teleport blocked or carrying a bloody key.
    • The OSGP tournaments on Saturday and Sunday have been raised to 10M minimum, regardless of player count.
    • The event run times have all been adjusted.
    • Added the missing message when the brimstone ring activates.
    • Bloodier key coin quantity has been reduced.
    • A confirmation message has been added to accepting your game mode and difficulty.
    • Fixed wild slayer requiring 86 combat instead of 85.

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    Client wont load after update.. right now

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