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    Sep 2016
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    Blood Money Changes
    • Ironman modes can now obtain blood money from emblems and have had items added to the shop.
    • Blighted rune sacks have been added to the shop.
    • Blighted food and potions have been added to the shop.
    • Blood money will no longer be obtained directly from kill task monsters, only from exchanging emblems.

    Bounty Hunter Target Changes
    • The bounty teleport unlock has been added for 250K blood money.
    • The PJ timer is now doubled when fighting your target.
    • Targets work like Revenant Caves singles+ everywhere in the wild.
    • The delay before you can skip your target has been raised from 1 to 2 minutes unless you're in 1-5 wild.
    • Target kills can't be re-assigned until 30 minutes have passed unless you're both in 1-10 wild.

    Wild Changes
    • Revenant Caves now work like OSRS where it's singles+. This means that other players can knock you off combat with a monster, but only one player can attack you.
    • Cursed monsters and demonic gorillas have been moved into the Revenant Caves where normal monsters used to be located.
    • Ankous have been re-added to their normal wild location.
    • Fixed not getting wild task XP if your combat level is below 100.
    • Fixed entering the Ferox Enclave while carrying bloody keys.

    Bloody/Bloodier Key Changes
    • Bloody keys have been given a 50% chance of giving a barrows item.
    • Bloodier keys have been given a 25% chance of giving a barrows item.
    • Ironman modes now receive loot closer to normal mode from both keys.

    Other Changes
    • Barrows drop rates have been given a small boost.
    • Creepy Crawly points have been slightly re-buffed.
    • The brimstone ring effect of a 1/4 chance to reduce defence by 10% for the hit, if a magic attack, has been added.
    • Added XP locking options for hitpoints.
    • Crystal key shop prices have been tweaked.
    • Custom tournament wins will no longer count toward the ingame hiscores.
    • Fixed the quest/viewing orb teleport locations.
    • Fixed the protect value of orb attached nightmare staves.
    • Fixed eating edible seaweed.
    • Fixed the shayzien helm not covering your whole head.
    • Fixed the antifire potion providing too much protection without a dragonfire shield.

    Also, please take a moment to vote here regarding some info I'm trying to collect!
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