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    Hello Everyone, Here is a basic beginners guide to the new home area of Battlescape.

    Getting Started...
    Once you have created you account, your going to have a number of options to play...

    Regular Accounts can choose: Normal - 100x Combat XP, 20x Skilling XP and a 1.2x Drop Rate Boost,
    Hard - 20x Combat XP, 20x Skilling XP and a 1.25 Drop Rate Boost,
    Elite - 5x Combat XP, 5x Skilling XP and a 1.3x Drop Rate Boost.

    Ironmen/Hardcore Ironmen only have a Hard mod setting which is: 20x Combat XP, 20x Skilling XP and a 1.25x Drop Boost

    The Map...
    We have customised the home area to be as friendly as possible, adding all the shops, main skilling areas, quests and event areas into one place.

    Each Star on the map represents a different area, these are all listed below with further information about each area.

    Dark Blue Star - Wizard for Teleporting around to different training and combat areas, including dungeons, bosses, farming patches and more skilling locations

    Gold Star - This is the main bank, it also contains the GE, Bond shop, Loyalty Shop and Vote shop, Each shop has its own items.
    The Loyalty shop will provide you 10 tickets and 50k gold for every hour you are logged in and gives you a large array of cosmetic items to purchase with your tickets.
    The Vote shop allows you to Imbue (I) all of your items, similar to Oldschool, they does not give you the items it will only imbue them to give them further benefits and make them untradeable.
    The Bond shop allows you to trade in your bonds to purchase items such as PK gear, skilling outfits for bonus xp and some cosmetics and standard training items such as defenders, capes, and torsos.

    The Black Star - This is an alter, this alter will restore your prayers, give you bonus XP for using bones or Ensouled heads on it. This alter can also be right clicked in order to change your spell book.

    The Orange Star - This is the General store, it contains:
    The hairdresser - who will allow you to customise your character.
    Adam - who will let you change your game mode - NOTICE you can only make your game modes easier, HC IRONMAN> IRONMAN > REGULAR ACCOUNT (Hard) > (Regular)
    Ajjat - Ajjat sells all your low to medium level items for your combat levels, his shop is split into 4 sections, Melee, Ranged, Magic and Misc. (Note Ironman shops are Limited)
    Head Chef - Who acts as the general store to sell items to, he also sells an arrange of food, potions and teleports.
    Mac - Who sells you your skilling capes and hoods upon achieving a 99 level or the Max Cape for those who achieve it.
    Probita - who will insure your pets and who you will reclaim lost pets from.

    Light Green Star - This is where all the quests are, most of the quest only require you to kill the bosses, and are required for Ironmen to unlock items such as the Dragon Scimitar. All guides for the quests can be found under the Guides Section of the forums.

    Red Star - Slayer shop, This store contains a Regular and Wilderness Slayer master, right clicking to assign a task on Nieve will give you the option of which level of slayer master you wish to receive a task from.
    Also in here is Watson, who can auto complete clues for you for gold, or create Master Clues if you have one of each tier under.
    The Crystal chest is also shown, this is where you can open your Crystal Keys or Brimstone Keys for extra supplies, alchables or a rare chance at an Uncut Onyx or Zenyte Shard.

    Dark Green Star - This is the PVP Tournament, the runs every 4 hours and has many set ups, from pure, to void, to max main to DMM NH. The Tournament has its own store where you can purchase a number of helpful items for PVM and PVP. Each day there is also a special tournament that runs and allows you to win 50 Bonds! or 10m OSRS Gold!

    Grey Star - These is our mini Mining and Woodcutting Guild's, there are several of each ore and tree scattered in these areas close to the bank to aid you in your training.

    Yellow Star - This is similar to the other guild, this is a custom Fishing location, next to the bank to help you grind those levels and acquire food for your adventures.

    White Star - This is known as the Skilling Shop, it contains a bank next to our custom skilling areas and it also includes:
    Tanner - who will tan leathers for you to craft.
    Skilling Seller - who will sell you low level seeds, Farming, Fishing, Mining, Crafting, Hunter and Woodcutting equipment and essentials, he also selling Herblore secondaries
    Bob - who can decant potions, toggle auto-vial smashing and auto clean herbs for a small fee.
    Cap'n Izzy - who will recolour your Graceful Outfit and give you options to trade in your Marks of Grace.

    Light Blue Star - this are contains an anvil, range, furnace, spinning wheel and just outside there are thieving stalls to get you started at a low level.

    Pink Star - this is the duel arena, it also Contains the Wise Old Man who will convert your gold into Plat Tokens.

    These are just the starting areas at home, once your in game join 'Home' Clan Chat to join others and ask any questions you may have, if what your looking for is not here try asking in game or looking at other Starter Guides that are being created and edited. Happy Scaping!


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    Wow very well put together and sorted.. Taught me a couple things


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    Thanks for putting this together, returning to the server it's been difficult to navigate and this definitely helps.

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