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    • Some silver jewelry has been added: dodgy necklace, expeditious bracelet, bracelet of slaughter, and amulet of chemistry.
    • A Nightmare scroll has been added to Slayer rewards to unlock the boss for Boss Slayer.
    • Non-boss coin drops now have a 1/4 chance of being 4x larger (ironman modes excluded).
    • Ironman will no longer receive reduced coin drops from monsters.
    • Krystilia’s combat level requirement has been lowered to 85.
    • Opal/jade/topaz have been added to the skilling store.
    • Bank pin checking has been added when opening the bond pouch.
    • The quantity of Zulrah’s scales from bonds has been slightly increased.
    • Fixed the twisted bow accuracy only using a monster’s level and not bonus too.
    • Fixed the graceful xp boost not working on some courses.
    • Fixed the Venenatis and Callisto Runelite timers.
    • Fixed the birdhouse Runelite timers.

    Ardougne diaries are currently in the works and should hopefully be released sometime this weekend.
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    Looking awesome, can't wait to test out this new jewelry on slayer.

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    sweet <3

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