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    Updates are always posted in Discord and can be seen ingame, and here's a quick rundown. I'll start posting the updates on the forum as well going forward to make sure everyone sees them.

    - Fixed agility shortcuts cancelling your opponents combat
    - Fixed being able to melee Olm head
    - Monsters bigger than one tile will now attempt to route to you in a straight line
    - Fixed cerberus ghost attacks being wrong way around
    - Added the "separate"-option to kbd heads to split it into 3 ensouled dragon heads
    - Added crystal keys to the tournament store for 1 point each
    - Fixed dark beast task wrongly claiming they can be found in the Catacombs of Kourend
    - Fixed Metamorphic dust and Twisted Ancestral colour kits announcing wrong kc from the Chambers of Xeric
    - Fixed adding ancient d'hide to the treasure chests
    - Fixed loadouts not saving the empty spots in your inventory
    - Fixed the displayed value of emblems from the emblem trader
    - Added the daily run restore/1 minute stamina buff to the agility and max cape
    - Fixed Adamant and Rune dragons and Cyclops from walking on top of each others
    - Redid the well to have the boost change every hour, and added new boosts to the well
    - Fixed slayer tasks sometimes giving you a task to kill 0 enemies
    - Added a free clue solve per day to Watson for everyone, and one extra solve per donator rank
    - Reduced Chambers of Xerics death penalty based on donator rank
    - Buffed the chance to get a boss task by 5% for everyone
    - Added a small buff to superior slayer monster spawn chance for each donor rank
    - Added crafting of slayer rings
    - Fixed Shayzien armour interfering with Ava's equipment
    - Fixed Shayzien armour not making you immune to Lizardman shaman poison
    - Made some npc's attackable that were not before, like the Knights of Ardougne
    - Fixed Tekton's attack speed

    - Double xp has been disabled
    - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused poison immunity
    - 99 combat stats announce again
    - Added a toggle to disable login security, and made it off by default
    - Adjusted death buyback to the same as OSRS (5%)
    - Fixed making adamant arrows
    - Formated some commands and added explanations to all of them
    - Fixed same tile following for magic
    - Separated seed nest tables from Wyson seed nest tables
    - Fixed teleporting with slayer ring while it's equipped
    - Fixed tektons attack speed being twice as slow as on osrs
    - Fixued an issue where sometimes a boss task had 0 quantity assigned
    - Fixed Chambers of Xeric item announcement and it includes the killcount now aswell
    - Changed the wrong message saying inventory is full when depositing items to a full bank
    - Made Godwars dungeon minion respawning work the same way as on osrs
    - Added firelighters to clues
    - Finished redoing the pet color system
    - Added Phoenix pet recoloring
    - Fixed Cerberus ghost animations
    - Added in a message explaining how to fill a bullseye lantern when operating the Fractionalizing still
    - Also made it so that you can use a empty bullseye lantern on the Lamp oil still to fill it
    - Fixed some items being tradeable
    - Changed ancestral color kit to be 1/100, and disabled droprate boosts applying to it
    - Fixed Max cape/Slayer cape having a chance to give you a blocked slayer task
    - Made loadouts save your autocast spell
    - Fixed diary lamps
    - Added fossil island mycelium transportation system
    - Bird house hunting has been added

    I currently have COVID/am recovering from it and will get back to picking up the pace with updates hopefully this week.

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    Get well soon buddy!

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    Nov 2016
    Thanks for posting! It's nice to have this on the forums - and not just on Discord.

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    Nice pali, and get well soon!

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