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    Apr 2020
    The following is a easy to follow runecrafting guide, locating where to get pouches, essence, useful items, and talismans.

    Useful Items

    Runecrafting Outfit (Robes of Elidinis) - This can be purchased from the in-game bond store for 40 bonds, the set is a 2 piece outfit that gives the user a 10% bonus to their experience, this stacks with donator ranks.

    Pouches - Pouches work like Old School, however do not break on here. There are 4 pouches to collect and can store an increasing amount of essence within them.

    To get the pouches you need to travel to 5-7 wild and use the teleport option on the 'Mage of Zamorak', once here kill the creatures within the Abys and they will drop the pouches, this usually takes from 10-30 mins to collect them all. (they can all be got as drops no matter what runecrafting level you are). You can also access a range of talisman locations if you do not have them though the centre of the Abys by clicking on the purple outlined rune rifts. You can also enter the Abys by using the fairy ring code A.L.R through right clicking the Teleport Wizard.

    Rune Talismans- Also in the Abys the creatures will drop a range of talismans, to get higher tier talismans you will need to purchase them from other players or get them as drops. Death Talisman can be got from Dark Beasts. Wrath Talisman can be got from Addy/Rune Dragons. (also see the osrs wiki to see if other monsters drop these talismans or the one your after)

    Runecrafting Methods

    There are 4 ways to train runecrafting each providing their own benefit to the player, being slightly better xp or more afkable.

    Talismans [1-77/99] - Simply have the talisman in your inventory with 27 essence, the 'Locate' option will teleport you directly to the rune alter, click the alter and craft your runes, simply teleport home, bank and repeat.

    Ouranai Alter (ZMI) [1-77/99] - Have a full inventory of essence, and use the Wizard located east of the home teleport. Click the 'Skills' tab and then the 'Ourania Alter' location, Head south west and down the stairs behind the alter, follow the path south and then east to the alter, click the alter, tele home bank and repeat.

    Donator Zone Alter (ZMI) [1-77/99] - The donator area also has a ZMI alter, this alter is located much closer to a bank but has the same principles as all of the others but provides faster XP rates.

    Great Kourend Runecrafting (Blood and Soul Runes) [77-99]- This can be done from 77 rc for Blood's and 90 for Soul runes (NOTE you will need 73 Agility to access all the shortcuts). This method is more relaxed and afk for part, while still being great XP. You will need a pickaxe, chisel and prayer levels (55+ recommended). To do this effectively mine a inventory off blocks, run them as shown to the dark alter, chisel them all into fragments, run back and mine another inventory, run back to the dark alter and turn them into dark essence blocks. Teleport home and back (Bloods only) and run them to the relevant alter as shown below. At the alter now chisel the rest of the dark essence blocks into fragments and click the alter again. Now teleport home and use the Pool of Goodwill to restore your prayer and repeat this process.

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    Very nice a detailed

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