Currently, we only have the ability to view the drop rates of bosses for high tier gear.
Maybe we could implement a Beastiary, which would consist of every/most monsters & everything you could possibly receive from said monster rather then just the uniques.

For Example:
Elves drop the Crystal Seed required for making the Crystal weaponry.
Zulrah also drops the Crystal seed.
With the Beastiary we could see which monster would have a better chance at dropping the seed.

Perhaps the Beastiary could even provide helpful information about the monster like:
- Stats/Levels
- Weakness
- Location

Also, being that most if not all monsters don’t have an ‘Examine’ text, I think that attaching the appropriate drop rate table interface to the ‘Examine’ option would be a neat little addition.

Rather then going into the quest tab and searching for the monster you would like more information on, you could simply right-click ‘Examine’ and have everything you need right there.

It would be amazing to be able to see everything in a single, clean looking interface.
Making it just a bit more interactive, and visually appealing.

I am well aware that this is bigger then just a copy & paste addition & very well might be seen as a waste of time but, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about and I figured it can’t hurt to throw it in here right? :b

I’ve been coming back to BS since 2013/2014 and one thing I can say for sure is that each and every time I come back, you guys never seem to disappoint \m/

Keep on shreddin’