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    Sep 2016
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    Tournament Map

    The tournament map has been re-created to bring fights and spectators together. As you can see below, other fights will take place around you, and spectators will be able to run around the area watching and chatting. This map isn't used for brid based tournaments, but a larger version of the map is planned for a later date specifically for brid tournaments.

    In Other News

    A staff based account has new commands to allow it to perform HP wild events similar to other servers.
    Multi-target attacks are now based on the primary tile radius instead of the npc tile radius when that npc is larger than 1 tile.
    GWD killcount boosters have been limited to sapphire+ to help better balance time and effort getting to the bosses and obtaining their drops.
    The Great Olm's special attacks will now occur slightly less often.
    Mobile is nearing completion and should be released by this time next week.
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