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    Wilderness Event Bosses

    Wild boss events have returned! The Chaos Elemental and Sotetseg will rotate spawning in the wilderness every 2 hours.

    The Chaos Elemental spawns in the normal spot on OSRS, while Sotetseg spawns in the Lava Maze where it's single combat, but can be attacked by multiple players.

    Attacking either one will give you a skull. Void set effects are also useless against these bosses.

    The player who does the most damage will get a bloodier key, while the next two players will both get bloody keys.

    In Other News

    • PvP tournament cash prizes have been increased.
    • PvP tournament modes are now weighed based on popularity.
    • The little nightmare pet has been fixed.
    • Inquisitor's armour and weapon now count as Zamorakian items in God Wars.
    • The inquisitor's armour effects have been added, which are 0.5% damage and accuracy for crush attacks per piece, with an additional 1% if all 3 pieces are worn.
    • Bloody and bloodier keys now give coins rather than items most of the time.
    • Vanguard defence has been lowered, their HP raised slightly, and the HP gap allowed between them raised from 33% to 40%.
    • Vanguards now drop overloads 100% of the time.
    • Inquisitor's mace animation has been fixed.
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    Feb 2020

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    again brutal Sotetseg <3

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    Lets gooooooo! Wildy rejuvenation, amazing

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    dont make another update unless its TOB

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