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    Wilderness Changes

    • Mysterious emblems (t1-t5) have been changed over to the antique emblems (t1-t10) that OSRS now uses. These emblems give 50K-20M and 1K-100K blood money.
    • Targets can now be assigned with a level difference up to 10 from the previous 6.
    • Krystilia will no longer assign tasks to players with a combat level below 100.
    • At the end of a wild task, a carried emblem will upgrade as long as you carried that same emblem the entire task.
    • Opponent's emblems will now drop to you on death rather than just vanishing.
    • PK skulls now reflect the highest tier emblem you're carrying.
    • Bronze, silver and gold keys can now be dropped without the kill being your target.
    • Target kills will no longer give you any immunity in multi-combat areas.
    • Bloody key counts are now tracked on the competitive hiscores.
    • Risk brackets have been replaced with a function that acts more to limit raggers from attacking you as long as you're risking at least 1M.

    In Other News

    • A few missing easy clue scroll items can now be obtained.
    • Beginner clue items can now be stored in the clue chest.
    • A double eye patch can now be created from a left and right eye patch.
    • Herbi can now be obtained by mixing potions.
    • Crystal crowns have been fixed.
    • Fixed fixing broken items through Perdu.
    • Fight Cave and Inferno times are tracked on the competitive hiscores if you started from wave 1.
    • Nightmare killcount tracking has been fixed.
    • Normal mode's prayer level setting restriction has been lifted.
    • A ::max command has been added for normal mode.
    • Barrows: 100% chance of unique when looting the normal chest (not sinister keys).

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    omg wow! so cool
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    Can you fix it so all nightmare items will show up in GE to buy/sell? at the moment only the 3 orbs pop up when searching for nightmare related items.

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    I would love to see how everyone wants and expects it to come out ... Blood Theater

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spam View Post
    I would love to see how everyone wants and expects it to come out ... Blood Theater
    Blood Theater huh? ...Well I can safely say this.... You shouldn't expect it anytime soon!!

    As for the 100 combat thing for wild tasks.. very good! stops low level ironmen from farming easy bm/points without any risk whatsoever!

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