Helpful Guide to Battlescape Skilling

Disclaimer: The majority of pictures taken are a from a hardmode account. There will be extra items in the shops on these pictures that are for hardmode/normal mode accounts only. Ironman modes will have the same general items, but some items won't be included for irons.

I plan on adding more for skilling portions. This is the initial post.

  • Skilling Outfits
  • Skilling Area
  • Shop
  • RuneLite

Skilling Outfits

All skilling outfits can be bought from the bond store for 40 bonds. These outfits provide a 10% boost in the specific skill used for. Gold smithing gauntlets are the exception, they provide a 10% boost on all non gold ores, and on gold ores provide roughly 175% boost. (my xp rate they go from 545 each to 1364 each.)

When you open the bond store, you will see 2 options for each outfit. The left option is the one you buy and it comes as a pack to open up. The second option is to pack the items back together to help with bank space.

Skilling Area

The mainland skilling area in east of edgeville bank. Here you will find majority of useful areas.

Any other skilling areas can be found by using the wizard at home to teleport to. There's a 'skilling' group, or go to the 'cities' group if you can't find it under the skilling group.

Skilling Shop

Located in the main shop building, west of home teleport or also located in the skilling area by the cooking/smithing building. This shop includes almost any item needed to start all skills and herblore secondaries.


Our client has RuneLite integration. Which means it has an endless number of features that can be used to aid you in skilling. For example, if you have a fishing net/rod in your inventory, it will highlight the fishing spots with the appropriate fish. These can be turned on/off or modified by clicking the arrow on the top right corner of your client, then by clicking the wrench icon, and searching the search bar for the plugin feature.

You can also view your XP gains by clicking on the 'skills' icon below the wrench.