Skill Requirements:

- 50 Agility
- 50 Strength
(Contrary to popular belief, neither herblore nor thieving are a requirement on Battle-Scape)

Item Requirements:

- 1 Soul rune, 1 Mind, 1 Earth rune, 2 Law runes
- Lockpick
- Rope
- Gear to fight Nezikchened (the Black Demon) that uses melee & mage attacks
- A prayer potion (recommended)

Quest Requirements:

- Completion of the Lost City Quest
- Completion of the Monkey Madness Quest
- Completion of the Recipe for Disaster Quest
- Completion of the Dragon Slayer Quest
- Completion of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest
- Completion of the Horror from the Deep Quest
- Completion of the Arclight Quest

The Quest

1. Start off by speaking to Radimus Erkle, South of Edgeville bank.

2. Once inside the dungeon, search the bookshelf to be taken through into another room.

3. Open the gate (requires having a lockpick in inventory).

4. Make your way past the boulders, through the door, run past the bats and then climb over the agility obstacle.

5. Search the markings on the wall to enter the next room [make sure you have A Soul, Mind, Earth & 2 Law Runes on the first row of your inventory in that exact order]

6. Once inside the room, pick up binding book and teleport out.

7. Go back to Radimus Erkle, re-enter the dungeon, and make your way through the flames where Ungadulu is.

8. Speak to Ungadulu to begin fighting the demon [the demon's first hit will drain your prayer]

9. When you defeat the demon, make your way back through the dungeon into the room you picked up the binding book at and go through the door.

10. Use your rope on the winch to go down [this is required every time you go down though you keep the rope you use]

11. Go down the path, stepping past the rocks until you reach the bottom. There are 3 different NPC's in the area: Ranalph Devere (level 92), Irvig Senay (level 100), and San Tojalon (level 106). You need to kill one of each as they drop a crystal piece needed for the quest.

12. Take the 3 pieces of the crystal to the furnace at the north east and use them on the furnace to create the crystal heart.

13. Go back to the middle of the room and use the heart on the mossy rock.

14. Go south and use the glowing crystal on the heart shaped recess next to the barrier.

15. Follow the path west past the lesser demons untill you get to a boulder. Search the boulder for a dagger and teleport out.

16. Go Back to Radimus Erkle to re-enter the dungeon and back through the flames to speak to Ungadulu who will give you a scroll.

17. Go all the way back to the boulder and activate the scroll.

18. The demon will appear for the final time [will drain your prayer with the 1st hit]. Slay the demon to complete the quest.


You now have acces to the Legend's Guild where you can purchase the following:

Feel free to point out anything I might have missed.