Welcome to my Chambers Of Xeric guide. Raids just released into Battlescape and currently there is no guide so i decided to create one. Hope it helps!

Players can attempt the chambers by themselves, though up to 100 players can be in a raid. There are a few basic tips that should be known before starting:

Scaling difficulty - The difficulty of the chambers are based on the team's overall combat. So the higher the combat level of the team is, the stronger the enemies will be.

Random generator - Raids are randomly generated, so every raid is different (apart from the Great olm).

Points gained from the raid are based on player contribution and actions. The points determine the team's potential rewards at the end of the raid, when the Great Olm is killed. The more points obtained, the higher the chance of obtaining unique loot. The more players in a raid attempt, the higher the points multiplier will be to compensate for increased difficulty.

If a player dies in the chambers, a percentage of points will be removed from the player, which will lower the team's overall chance of getting unique rewards. In order to access the unique reward table, the team must obtain a minimum of 7,125 points.

90+ In All Combat Stats
78+ Herblore

Setup 1:

Setup 2:

Setup 3:

Range Alternatives:
Armour: Armadyl > Void > Karils > 3rd Age Range > Black D'hide
Weapons: Twisted bow > Blowpipe > Dragon Hunter Crossbow > Armadyl Crossbow > Rune Crossbow
Shield: Elysian Spirit Shield > Twisted Buckler > Dragon Fire Shield > God Book (Only with crossbow)
Amulet: Necklace Of Anguish > Amulet Of Fury > Amulet Of glory
Boots: Pegasian Boots > Ranger Boots > Snakeskin Boots
Gloves: Barrows Gloves
Ring: Archers Ring (i) > Archers Ring > Ring Of Recoil

Magic Alternatives:
Armour: Ancestral > Void > Ahrims > 3rd Age Mage > Infinity > Mystics
Weapons: Trident Of The Swamp > Trident Of The Seas
Shield: Arcane Spirit Shield > Mage's Book > God Book
Amulet: Occult Necklace > Fury
Boots: Eternal Boots > Infinity Boots > Mystic Boots
Gloves: Tormented Bracelet > Barrows Gloves
Ring: Seers Ring (i) > Seers Ring > Ring Of Recoil

Melee Alternatives:
Armour: Bandos > Void > 3rd Age Melee > Dragon
Weapons: Elder Maul > Any Godsword > Zamorakian Hasta > Abyssal Tentacle > Abyssal Whip (Weapon used depends on which boss it is)
Shield: Dragon Defender
Amulet: Amulet Of Torture > Amulet Of Fury > Amulet Of Glory
Boots: Primordial Boots > Dragon Boots
Gloves: Barrows Gloves
Ring: Berserker Ring (i) > Berserker Ring > Ring Of Recoil

Tekton is seen working with his magnetic anvil. As soon as someone gets near him, he will notice them and begin the fight. All players should use Protect from Melee when fighting Tekton. Tekton is highly resistant and immune to Ranged and Magic attacks, as a result, Tekton will have to be killed with Melee only. He has very high Defence, so using a crush weapon is recommended against him.

Tekton will emit two different auras beneath him: orange, which is his non-enraged stance, and red, which is his enraged stance. Tekton's overall defence is lower when he has a orange aura.

The special attacks of dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword are very useful to lower Tekton's high defence as well, as they both have unique effects against Tekton, which lower its defence level. After being alerted to the team's presence, Tekton will move towards one player. He will stop when he reaches that player and starts attacking them. If Tekton attacks and no players are within melee range of him, he will return to the anvil. Otherwise, he will continue attacking for a prolonged duration before returning back to the anvil. When Tekton returns to the anvil, he heals himself slightly and sends out two "sparks" for each player in the room, dealing moderate damage in a 3x3 square. After finishing this, Tekton gets a red aura around him, before reverting back to orange.Tekton will apply rapid stomp damage to players under him. However, this only applies when he moves, as he is static upon entering his attack stance. The pillars of smoke around his chamber can lightly damage players if they are on them.

The Muttadiles are bosses encountered in the Chambers of Xeric. It is a dog-like creature that has horribly mutated into a giant crocodilian beast. The original muttadile was pregnant at the time when Xeric transformed it into its current form and as such its offspring was warped too. The two beasts now act as guardians of the chambers.

When the smaller muttadile dies, the larger one emerges from the water and starts attacking the player. Apart from having higher stats and using all three forms of combat, this larger muttadile will also perform a shockwave attack if anyone is within melee range, dealing massive damage to them. It is important to stay away from melee distance of the larger muttadile and utilise safespots to ensure the muttadile will only use magic and ranged on the team.

Slay the smaller Muttadile then attack the larger Muttadile. Hit it once and then continue to lure it near the passage. Pray mage and attack like shown in the next GIF. The larger Muttadile will sometimes attack with range so just be sure to eat up and pay attention or you may die.

Lizardmen shamans are monsters found in the Chambers of Xeric, in the lizardmen shaman room.

Like their surface counterparts, the shamans inside the Chambers of Xeric share the same attack set. However, their attacks deal slightly more or less damage depending on the team's overall size.

The amount of players in the team determines the number of lizardmen shamans encountered in the room. Up to four shamans can be encountered in large teams, with a minimum of two for solo and very small teams.

You use range to kill them - blowpipe is sufficient.

Vasa Nistirio is initially seen as a pile of rocks. Upon approaching the pile, he will animate himself and start the fight. It is recommended to use the Protect from Missiles prayer, as while walking to the crystals, Vasa will throw rocks at the team, which can deal significant damage. Fortunately, these rocks can be avoided by running away from the spot they are thrown at (the rocks have a 3x3 AoE).

Throughout the fight, Vasa will move towards a cluster of crystals, which are located in the corners of the room. These crystals will heal Vasa, so it is important to target them as quick as possible to minimize the amount of healing he can perform. They are weak to stab attacks. If the crystals are not destroyed in time, Vasa will use his special attack upon returning to the middle of the room. Otherwise, he will walk to another set of crystals.

Vasa has a special attack where he will teleport everyone in the room. Half of the team will be teleported to the edges, while the remaining half will be teleported next to him (if soloing, you will always be teleported to him). Those next to him will be stunned and have their prayers disabled. Those teleported to the edges should run to the center and active Protect from Magic. Vasa will unleash a magical barrage against everyone next to him, dealing massive damage. Players inside of the attack with Protect from Magic on will take 0 damage and reduce the damage dealt to the players who are stunned by half. He is immune to attacks while charging his special attack. TIP: A quick counter against this attack is to "tick eat"; eating food (or a drinking a brew) just before the barrage hits. Quickly heal back up though, as Vasa will start throwing rocks after performing his special attack.

Players under Vasa will take rapid stomp damage from him.

You will want to use your Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword special attack on this boss at the start of the fight to reduce its defence. Then proceed to kill it using a blowpipe or a twisted bow as it is walking towards the crystals. When it reaches a crystal, kill the crystal and attack the boss. Repeat until the boss is dead.

The Vanguard are a trio of Xeric's former commanders encountered in the Chambers of Xeric.

Each Vanguard is weak to a specific attack attack style:

-The range Vanguard is weak to Melee attacks.
-The melee Vanguard is weak to Magic attacks.
-The mage Vanguard is weak to Ranged attacks.

The three Vanguards originally spawn underground. When a player gets near one of the holes, all three will burst from the ground.

All Vanguards attack three times with each attack; however, the magic and ranged Vanguards use AoE attacks (one always hitting the player while two are launched elsewhere). The melee Vanguard simply attacks the player three times for every attack it performs.

To harm the Vanguards, damage must be spread equally to all three Vanguards. If just one of the Vanguard is heavily damaged while the others have much higher health (at least 34% or higher), all the Vanguards will heal themselves back to full health upon shuffling. To stop this from occurring, the Vanguards' health must be within 33% of the other Vanguards by the time they shuffle positions. Stomp damage is applied to players under them when they shuffle; this damage will NOT occur when they attack players.

It should be noted that the ranged Vanguard is static, and will be unable to attack players that are under it. The melee and magic Vanguards will attempt to move out if the player is under them.

Skeletal mystics are skeleton mages found within the Chambers of Xeric.

They are found in the ritual room of the Chambers. In a solo raid/small groups, players can expect to find 3 mystics in the room. Skeletal mystics attack with both fire spells and a damaging variant of Vulnerability.

Upon death, they drop various amounts of golpar, buchu, and noxifer seeds.

For this boss, it is recommended to use a blowpipe against them.

The great olm is the final boss in the Chambers of Xeric raid. A large white salamander, it is one of Xeric's greatest possessions.


-Standard attacks: Olm has two standard attacks; Magic and Ranged. The magic attacks are large green orbs, while the ranged attacks are smaller chunks of crystal. Both deal the same amount of damage.

-Spheres: Olm randomly picks a sphere (red, green or blue) and sends it at the player. If not blocked, the player will be damaged approximately 50% of their current Hitpoints. If a protection prayer was used when the sphere was launched, it is disabled and the player's Prayer is reduced by 50%. To block the attack, pray accordingly before and as the sphere hits you: Red (sphere of aggression): Protect from Melee, Green (sphere of accuracy and dexterity): Protect from Missiles, Blue (sphere of magical power): Protect from Magic

Throughout the fight, olm can also use these moves. If the left hand is clenched, these attacks will not occur:

-Crystal Burst: Olm throws a crystal seedling under every player in the chamber. A few seconds later, the crystals burst and shove the player to a nearby tile if they are on top of them for moderate damage. The left hand will briefly show a crystal icon when using this attack.

-Lightning: Shoots out lightning running north and/or south of the chamber. Getting hit by a bolt of lightning electrocutes the player, disabling their overhead prayers, dealing moderate damage, and binding them. The left hand will briefly show a lightning bolt when using this attack.

-Swap: Olm teleports the player(s) for damage. With one person inside the chamber, olm will instead choose a random tile in the chamber. With two or more, olm picks those two (or a random two if more) to teleport. To avoid damage, stand on top of the targeted tile/player. The further you are from the target, the more damage is taken. Olm does not use this move on the last phase. The left hand briefly shows a swirl when using this attack.

During phase transition, Olm causes chunks of crystal to fall from above. These crystals have a 3x3 AoE. Getting a direct hit will result in moderate damage, and getting indirectly hit will deal half as much damage. A shadow will indicate where the crystal will land.

Olm has at least three phases (more depending on the size of the party), with each successive phase granting olm extra attacks (he can still use special attacks from old powers at any time as long as they have been accessed). You can resupply yourself if you die fighting it.

To progress, disable both arms. They do not have to be disabled at the same time but it'd make this faster. For example: You are in a 4 man team. 2 players attack the right claw and the other 2 attack the left. The right claw is weak to mage (you should use your trident for it) and the left claw is weak to melee. For the left claw, use the Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword special attack and then continue to kill it. I recommend using an elder maul but if you don't have one any other weapon is fine.

There will be 3 phases where both claws will have to be disabled if your team has 7 people or less. The bigger the team, the more phases. On the final phase, you proceed to kill both claws as usual. This time, after both claws have been disabled, you will target Olm's head. Use range for this. Twisted bow works best however, if you do not have one, blowpipe and dragon hunter crossbow works just as well but may take slightly longer to kill the head.

Player rewards are based on "participation" points. As the team collects more points, they have an increased chance of obtaining unique items. Individually, these points determine what common rewards are given and the quantity of these rewards. If a player dies in a raid, they will lose 40% of the points that they had before their death. If the player dies with no or extremely few personal points, the team's overall points are reduced instead.

If the team does not roll into the unique drop table, players will obtain two random common rewards instead.

For every 7,125 total points obtained, a 2% chance to obtain a unique loot is given. This chance is capped at 80% (285,000 points) - any further points will be sent to roll for a second unique loot. For example, a team who possesses 484,500 points in total has an 80% chance to receive a unique loot, and then a 70% chance to obtain a second unique loot. Up to three unique rewards can be obtained per raid, assuming that there is enough points to roll for them. If no unique loot is obtained, random resources are chosen, with the player's points determining the quantity of the items they obtain. In groups of all sizes, a weighting system is added when a unique loot is rolled, based on the players' points. For example, a player who has 90,000 points is twice as likely to obtain a unique reward compared to a player with 45,000 points.

Once the game has chosen which player will receive the unique loot, an item is chosen from one of the 15 different unique's, which reside in the Chambers Of Xeric. Obtaining one of the different unique's is required in order to be eligible for Olmlet.

-Dexterous prayer scroll
-Arcane prayer scroll
-Dragon sword
-Dragon harpoon
-Dragon thrownaxe x100
-Twisted buckler
-Dragon hunter crossbow
-Dinh's bulwark
-Ancestral hat
-Ancestral robe top
-Ancestral robe bottom
-Dragon claws
-Elder maul
-Kodai insignia
-Twisted bow

Huge thanks to "Pirc" for creating the headings and helping me out with this guide.