This will be an in-depth guide on the "Recipe for Disaster" mini-quest to unlock the culinaromancer's gloves (leather-barrows)
So let's get Started!

Essential Items:
Runes for Elemental spells (for the Gelatinnoth Mother, a remake of the "Horror from the Deep" quest, must use the corresponding elemental spell for each phase"
Good defensive gear (You are NOT able to use prayer!)
Entanglement spell runes (recommended)
Ice gloves (recommended, or you may use entagles)
Ranged/Melee weapons (recommended, you can do it with just magic aswell)

Here's a basic setup you can easily base off of, and upgrade/downgrade where needed.

And here's where we'll begin the quest (the chest, chose the option "miniquest")

(Note: you must do the whole miniquest at one time, it will not save if you leave/die,
Also, Hardcore Ironmen will not lose status upon death in this miniquest)

The Fights-

First fight; Agrith-Na-Na (level 146)

Notes: Uses magic, weak to ranged. Fairly easy to kill

Second fight; Flambeed (level 149)

Notes: Uses melee, his attack will remove your weapons if you do not have ice gloves wielded
You can also entangle/farcast him to negate this effect. He does hit quite well in close combat.

Third fight; Karamel (level 136)

Notes: Uses freezing spells. Wearing d'hide and using ranged will make quick work of this one.

Fourth fight; Dessourt (level 121)

Notes: Uses melee/ranged attacks. Any combat style is fairly effective. He hits moderately well but is easy.

Fifth fight; Gelatinnoth mother (level 130)

Notes: Can be difficult. Changes colors based on weakness.
White- Air spells Blue- Water spells Brown- Earth spells Red- Fire spells Green- Ranged Orange- Melee
You MUST use the corresponding style for each phase, or you will do no damage. She uses a double ranged attack and a melee attack in close range. Can do moderately heavy damage, be sure to wear defensive gear (even when using magic)

Final fight; Culinaromancer (level 75)

Notes: By far the easiest one. Use any style, he does very little damage. Uses magic/melee, but let's be real he's level 75.

Congratulations, You've completed Recipe for Disaster! You've gained access to the chest which contains the culinaromancer's gloves. Here's a view of the shop and prices (mithril to barrows because let's be real, nobody uses anything under mithril)