Hello all,
I recently came back to battlescape after a good few years, maxed had fun then got abit bored and have for atm left, but like many Iíd love to come back but there isnít enough reward for it.Years ago we used to have CoX rewards in the boss slayer points shop and this was in my opinion very liked. Personally if I was to come back I would defo make a iron (stop the urge to stake hAha) and love to casual grind for a few hours a day however the grind to near enough max, then the poor drop rates of the CoX for items isnít in my opinion intising enough. So after my few weeks of being back and maxing 2 accounts and having a good go at everything here are a few things I would love to see in future updates.

Boss slayer rewards - add CoX items like old days (keep raids for those who still wanna chance it)

XP lamps - lamps that reward players with xp, these could be from votes ect or loyalty shop (2.7m combat xp. Or 1.3m skill xp)

Mass Events - Mabel once a month have some type of event to engage more of the community EG GWD EVENT where there is a 20% bonus drop rate for a day or several hours. Can also be done for Corp, Shaymans, and other group bosses.

Overrides - ability to put on items that keep your appearance the same but do not affect any stats (used to have this but obv stopped working when you entered the wild)

Ironman unlocks - I understand that Ironman are designed like osrs however it would be nice if there was a way in which once they achieve max, they are able to buy more items from the shops ie potions, better food

I understand that these arenít for everyone but again it is a rsps and from previous experience on this server on my iron you run out of supplies especially when grinding endgame and then have to put far to many hours into simple items hindering progress and removing the fun.... feel free to comment and add anything <3