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This situation with ToB is probably the worst thing happening with this server. The owner of this game proceeds to put off one of the best advertisement opportunities for no other reason than being lazy, refusing to ask players in the community who actually have done the activity on Oldschool (Virtual Foe, Sharingan etc) Seeing any mention about this is pretty much a meme at this point and any attempt to try and talk seriously with the owner of this game results in it being brushed off almost instantaneously and ignored. Like Chambers of Xeric it took him so long to even add it, and still has a brain-numbing amount of bugs within it. (sure he's tried working them out but ultimately breaking other mechanics in the raid allowing people to complete them in under 70 minutes with 2 players). As far as I see it now you will not see this dungeon added to this game for a very very very long time.

And don't get me wrong, Miika is a nice dude, but he is only there to do workhorse tasks for pali while hes drunk off his mind at 5 am. I doubt he has any knowledge on how to code something as serious as ToB.
Man hit the nail on the head.