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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
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    Callisto, Vet'ion, and Venenatis have been added to the Wilderness. Like their OSRS versions, they're quite tough and have special special attacks that can combo with their normal attacks. Include their rare drops, they drop 500 blood money 100% of the time. I don't personally have experience with the actual bosses, so please leave feedback on anything that needs to be adjusted if it isn't the same as OSRS (and choose your gear at your own risk!).

    Added the correct Slayer rewards interface. You can cancel, block, and unblock tasks. You're also able to unlock slayer helmet crafting, with the colored helmets and other unlocks coming soon. Please note that all existing tasks prior to this update will not display as your current task on the rewards interface, but will fix itself with your next task.

    Visage can now be added on to an anti-dragon shield.
    Boss kill counts are now displayed when you kill them.
    Added global loot broadcasts to some boss item drops.
    The emblem trader will now exchange coins to bm at a rate of 200 to 1.
    Barrows brothers have given given a 100% drop rate of 100 bm.
    Battle mages and elder chaos druids have given given a 100% drop rate of 50 bm.
    Karambwan mechanics now work correctly.
    Adjusted the rate of coins from monsters.
    Adjusted web slashing.
    Free untradable items will now be kept even past level 20 Wilderness.
    All free items will now be dropped to the ground on death outside of the Wilderness.
    Increased the rebind delay from 3 to 5 ticks.
    Levers can no longer be used from 1 tile away.
    Shared drops now include 100% drop rate drops.
    Ranged can no longer be used against cave krakens.
    Equipping existing dragon chains will convert them to their proper id for using.
    Skulls now last for 20 minutes instead of 5.
    Increased the price of the kraken tentacle, trident, tome of fire, and crystal items.
    Lowered the prices of untradables items from BM.
    Fixed typing after using presets.
    Fixed the effects of brews being negated when taking damage.
    Fixed binds not leaving at the correct distance.
    Fixed the kick command.
    Fixed an issue with being muted spamming you.
    Fixed an issue with banned accounts.
    Fixed changing gender.
    Fixed KBD's melee attack speed.
    Fixed spinolyps following you out of water.
    Fixed some issues with not being able to attack from tiles you should be able to.
    Fixed more issues with following around objects when 1 tile away.
    Fixed an issue with stacks of items on the ground not displaying correctly.
    Fixed rotating placeholder items.

    If you don't see your suggestions here, don't worry! There has been quite a bit of feedback and it's going to take me some time getting through it all. I had read all the feedback though, and I'll do my best to continue using them to improve the server. Also, if you had a large list of items and I completed some of them, PLEASE update your posts to reflect it. It'll save me time and make sure I don't accidentally skip any of your feedback.

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    Oct 2016
    Huge update, totally worth the wait.

    Will be checking out everything and file a bug report in case I find any issues, keep it up man.

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    Oct 2016
    Holy fucking shit. Yes, been so excited for this, let's fucking go. Long live Battlescape.

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    ∏ ∐ ∑ ╱╲╳
    Sep 2016
    Beautiful, love those big updates. Amazing work Pali.

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    Oct 2016
    Thanks Bro, Looking forward to it

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    Oct 2016
    Finally ! maybe I wont so salty for a few days. Turn server on pls, k ty.

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    Oct 2016
    Thank you Dalton, I hope my suggestion threads have helped you out giving idea's or reminding you of stuff

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    Oct 2016
    sounds fun but theirs a tiny glitch at slayer tower at abbys demons where the huge the wall and get stuck and you cannot attack them till they get out

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    Oct 2016
    Good shit Nice updates

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    Oct 2016
    Did i ever tell you how much i love you Pali? Fantastic job!

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