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    Blood and Soul Runecrafting

    Blood and soul runecrafting has been updated to work correctly. using dense and dark essence blocks and fragments to create blood and soul runes.

    Normal Mode: Set Level

    A change I'm not sure many were expecting, normal mode has been given the ability to set your combat levels. Prayer is currently limited to level 70, though this may be fully unlocked if requested.

    Hiscores for combat stats mostly remain unaffected, as you can only set your levels to 13M (level 99), and will still have to train the skills for 200M. If you change your experience to lower than your hiscores experience, your experience will NOT be overwritten. This means that if you train a combat skill to 200M, lowering your level and raising it back up will keep your hiscore at 200M.

    Hard mode and ironman modes remain unaffected. Hard mode's x20 combat rates could be reconsidered to something a little higher (but not nearly normal mode's old combat rates) if enough players dislike no in between for the new normal mode and the current hard mode.

    Clan Wars Free For All

    The clan wars free for all has been updated, and you can no longer take items inside. However, you'll find a shop inside with all the supplies and equipment available for you to use to practice PvP with.

    Twisted Slayer Helmet

    The twisted horns, used to create the twisted slayer helmet, can be purchased from the tournament shop for 50 points.

    Bond Shop Changes

    Many bond shop prices have been reduced to take into account how much bonds sell for. Bonus bonds are now given for buying in larger quantities. The following are the minimum quantities needed to be purchased and how many extra bonds will be given.
    10,000: 2,500
    5,000: 1,125
    2,500: 500
    1,000: 175
    500: 75
    250: 30
    100: 10

    In Other News

    Wilderness cursed monster stats and hitpoints have been reduced.
    Items can now be donated to the wishing well to activate the boosts.
    The herb, gem, and bar boxes have been improved.
    Volcanic ash quantity now scales based on your level.
    A 4-hour idle logout timer has been added.
    When accepting a duel request, a red message will appear in your chatbox if your opponent doesn't have the same weapon equipped.
    The hotspot quest tab entry will now appear in red if your out of its bounds.
    Sea turtles can now be eaten.
    Reduced the damage inflicted from minecarts.
    Added a message informing you of Perdu if he collects your items on death.
    Counters have been added for supply, herb, gem, and bar boxes.
    The bounty hunter teleport distance has been raised to 10 levels.
    Purple sweets have been added to the ironman supplies shop.
    Chinchompas can now be attacked.
    Added a ::debug command for anyone looking to work on BS.

    Bug Fixes

    The drop rate of Larran's key has been corrected for high-level monsters such as cursed monsters.
    Fixed an issue with damage dealt clearing when entering or leaving the revenant caves.
    Fixed an issue with the ingame hiscores showing from lowest to highest.
    Fixed the obsidian maul (t) animations and not working with the berserker necklace.
    Fixed a following issue when clicking some fishing spots.
    Fixed issues with staff starting custom tournaments.
    Fixed the fight cave and inferno pet drop rates being rarer than they should be.
    Fixed an item equipping bug when the slayer helmet is equipped.
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    Set level ftw thanks boss

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    Very nice, thanks!

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    Nice updates!

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    Thank you sir!

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    Nice updates!
    But it should be time for bigger updates, like Raids 2 & Nightmare, this server is way behind other servers and i hate to see it fall.

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    when is tob coming?

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    BIG TRUE! pali needs to hire another dev he cant do it on his own

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