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    Bloody Keys

    Bloody keys were previously obtainable through the wilderness boss events but were removed with the removal of those events. They've now been brought back through wilderness slayer tasks! While the likelihood of the more rare loot itself has been reduced down from the key, every time you complete a wilderness slayer task, you have a 1 in 10 chance to get a bloody key drop.

    Be warned, though! The key works similarly to the bloodier key, blocking you from teleporting. Not only that but when the key appears, an announcement is made about what task you had and what level wilderness you're in. You'll be fair game for PKers to track you down as you try to carry the key out of the wilderness.

    Larran's Key

    While on a wilderness task, you'll no longer receive any brimstone key drops. In its place, you'll now receive Larran's key. To use this key, you'll need to take it to the top of the ship west of the Pirates' Hideout in the wilderness. While loot is just larger quantities of the brimstone chest, you'll also have a chance at Dagon'hai robes.

    Platinum Shop: Holiday Item Prices

    Holliday items sold by the Wise Old Man have had their prices reduced to allow them to be slightly more obtainable. The price changes are as follows:
    • Santa hat: 750M
    • Purple partyhat: 600M
    • Yellow parrtyhat: 800M
    • Green partyhat: 1B
    • Red partyhat: 2B
    • White partyhat: 3B
    • Blue partyhat: 4B

    In Other News

    • Items can now be used on a bank booth to note them.
    • Jeweled crabs transformation delay has been raised to 30-45 seconds.
    • Graceful outfit pieces can be exchanged in the shop for its colored variants.
    • The infernal harpoon will now work on all fishing spots.
    • The infernal pickaxe will now work on all ores for smithing experience.
    • A clue box can now be purchased from the loyalty shop for 50 tickets.
    • Nail beasts now drop their nails in noted form.
    • The farming cape can now be used to teleport to the Ardougne patch.

    Bug Fixes

    • PvP drops, in general, have been fixed.
    • Fixed bounty hunter targets not being assigned.
    • Fixed tier 1 emblems in the bm shop costing 75k bm instead of 75k coins.
    • Fixed Jad's attack being 1 tick shorter from the prayer flick changes.
    • Fixed the competitive hiscores interface displaying info wrong.
    • Fixed Gileath's farming options.
    • Fixed thieving chances being too high.
    • Fixed basilisk knights tasks.

    New VPS

    The game server has moved to a new VPS with twice as much ram, but with this change comes a new IP that has to propagate over the DNS servers. Some of you may have trouble logging in initially, and if the case, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait it out.
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    Cool! sweet update Palidino!!! I cannot wait to obtain the 300 noted golden ores for my smithing training!!!

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    extensive update. very nice, thank you.


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    Stunning, marvelous and eye popping update, as always! <3

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    Great to see these changes! So many good ones this update

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    Quote Originally Posted by D E A G View Post
    Cool! sweet update Palidino!!! I cannot wait to obtain the 300 noted golden ores for my smithing training!!!

    haha yes

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