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  1. Competitive Hiscores and Bounty Hunter Changes  - 01-12-2020 #1

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    Competitive Hiscores

    Competitive hiscores are a new addition that tracks statistics for limited periods of time. You can compete with everyone, friends, and even clans against different categories. Tracking is as short as 6 hours and as long as 1 month. In the future, we plan to run competitions using these hiscores.

    Wilderness and Bounty Hunter Changes

    • The current mysterious emblems have been discontinued in favor of the new tier 1-5 emblems OSRS has.
    • 5K blood money is dropped per kill, which is unaffected by being a target kill.
    • Tier 1 can be bought for 75K or obtained from a target kill, and upgrades up to tier 5. Tier 2: 225K, tier 3: 675K, tier 4: 2M, tier 5: 6M.
    • Monsters no longer drop emblems (like OSRS).
    • Slayer tasks will no longer upgrade emblems. Carrying an emblem is required to receive BM for each slayer task kill, and to receive BM at the end of the task.
    • Emblems are destroyed on death (like OSRS).
    • Emblems only upgrade if it's a target kill who is carrying an emblem or a target kill in a hotspot (like OSRS).
    • A 20-second immunity after killing a target is applied (like OSRS).
    • Hotspots have been added and rotate every 30 minutes (currently limited to Edgeville, so no actual rotation).
    • Hotspot features only apply if you're carrying an emblem and kill a target (like OSRS).
    • Triple blood money is given in hotspots.
    • A special drop table is rolled in hotspots.
    • The special drop table includes a 50% chance of nothing, with the only 50% split between emblems, new keys, and PvP weapons.
    • Some BM shop prices have been reduced, along with multiple new additions to the shop.

    Tournament Shop Changes

    • Blade of saeldor: raised to 75 points, but comes fully charged.
    • Dragon claws: 75 points.
    • Elder maul, bandos godsword, armadyl godsword, armadyl crossbow, and toxic staff of the dead: 25 points.
    • Abyssal tentacle, dragon crossbow, and staff of light: 10 points.
    • Dragonfire shield: 20 points.
    • Dragonfire ward and ancient wyvern shield: 50 points.
    • Dexterous prayer scroll: 75 points.
    • Arcane prayer scroll: 50 points.
    • Torn prayer scroll: 10 points.
    • 3rd age box: 100 points (also added for ironmen).

    In Other News

    • Your personal points in raids now play a much greater roll in a unique drop going to you and not a teammate.
    • The magic rebind delay has been reduced from 6 to 5 ticks.
    • Purple sweets have been added to the supplies shop for 5K.
    • Purple sweets can no longer be taken into the Inferno.
    • Tick eating is now possible against monsters.
    • PvP weapons now cost 20M to recharge.
    • Removed the Mage Arena bloodier key spawn.
    • Coins rewards from tournaments have been halved.
    • Fixed the slot the decorative shield equips into.
    • Fixed hunter traps never catching anything.
    • Fixed the magic butterfly net.
    • Fixed crafting.
    • Fixed spam clicking thieving making you never attempt to steal.
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