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    Sep 2016
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    Christmas Event

    BattleScape's Christmas event has been released! Collect snowballs and unlock the OSRS items of your choosing!

    • Snowballs can be obtained in the following ways:
    • Voting
    • Slayer Tasks
    • Bosses
    • PKing
    • Tournaments
    • Anti-Santa Boss Event

    Pet Metamorphosing

    Pets who should have the ability to metamorphose can now do so. This includes certain boss and skilling pets. Pets such as golems need an ore used on them to transform them.

    Donator Changes

    The cost of the current donator ranks hasn't been changed, but their names and icon colors have changed. Additionally, new ranks have been added. The current plan is to phase out gold/premium membership in favor of permanently unlockable ranks. As usual, both buying bonds and spending bonds count toward your rank.

    Opal Member
    grey icon
    ::yell with a 60-second cooldown
    4% more experience
    4% drop rate boost
    4% higher skilling success rate
    4 points less to cancel a slayer task
    donator zone access *

    Jade Member
    light green icon
    ::yell with a 45-second cooldown
    8% more experience
    8% drop rate boost
    8% higher skilling success rate
    8 points less to cancel a slayer task

    Topaz Member
    light red icon
    ::yell with a 30-second cooldown
    12% more experience
    12% drop rate boost
    12% higher skilling success rate
    12 points less to cancel a slayer task

    Sapphire Member
    dark blue icon
    ::yell with a 15-second cooldown
    16% more experience
    16% drop rate boost
    16% higher skilling success rate
    16 points less to cancel a slayer task

    Emerald Member (used to be uber/highest rank)
    dark green icon
    ::yell with a 5-second cooldown
    20% more experience
    20% drop rate boost
    20% higher skilling success rate
    20 points less to cancel a slayer task

    Ruby Member
    dark red icon
    24% more experience
    24% drop rate boost
    24% higher skilling success rate
    24 points less to cancel a slayer task

    Diamond Member
    light blue icon
    28% more experience
    28% drop rate boost
    28% higher skilling success rate
    28 points less to cancel a slayer task

    Dragonstone Member
    purple icon
    32% more experience
    32% drop rate boost
    32% higher skilling success rate
    free slayer task canceling *

    Onyx Member
    black icon
    36% more experience
    36% drop rate boost
    36% higher skilling success rate

    * indicates the feature carries over to higher tier ranks.

    In Other News

    • The staff of balance can now be created.
    • The game mode restriction of the TzHaar boost scroll has been removed.
    • The total level of hardcore ironmen is now included in their death message.
    • Chocolate cake can now be eaten.
    • Fixed the spooky and spookier hood.
    • Fixed ironmen not being able to complete the exchange diary task.
    • Fixed the cloister bell for fighting the grotesque guardians.
    • Fixed duel spectating.
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    Dec 2016
    Literally pay to win

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    Sep 2019
    would be cool but I'm still unable to purchase bonds via online battlescape shop, brought this to attention in-game. no payment method works, says your shop hasn't been verified or something..

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    Jan 2017
    -Chocolate cake can now be eaten.

    What a time to be alive.

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    Dec 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeik View Post
    -Chocolate cake can now be eaten.

    What a time to be alive.

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    May 2017
    Thanks for the pet metamorphosis option. Now we're patiently waiting for Theater of Blood.

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    Oct 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeik View Post
    -Chocolate cake can now be eaten.

    What a time to be alive.

    Selling chocolate cakes

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    Jan 2017
    Pet update should be nice if its working properly :P

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    Super Donator
    Jan 2018
    def not working

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    Nov 2016
    How many total bonds will get you to the next rank?

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