Sup peeps, I'm Chunga (meaning fat in British-English - No, I'm not Asian or Portuguese as some players have asked). I maxed my HCIM account in just 2 months of creating it and I'm currently working my way towards 1 billion total XP whenever I have some time to kill. The purpose of this thread is to help you get that Max cape as quick as possible as an Ironman, in the most comfortable fashion, and give you all the help/advice you might need. I will list methods in an Efficiency vs AFK manner (for as long as the XP is acceptable). XP rates will be included SOON via data sampling as I slowly update this guide. All XP rates will be based on post-99 skilling (that meaning success rates are higher) and with maximum buffs. Your rates may differ.

Buffs (total): +55% XP, +20% success rate/100% Cooking, +7 levels Mining/Woodcutting guild. (needs updating since donator rework)
Buffs (breakdown): +25% XP & +5% success rate (premium membership), +10% XP & +5% success rate (skilling outfit where applicable), +10% XP & 5% success rate (voting), +10% XP & 5% success rate (wishing well)

I have never played OSRS and haven't yet learned or thought about fighting the more modern bosses and because of that I won't be including these in the guide. For purposes of HCIM, I will not impose these risks to you guys until I am certain it's safe for players suffering with frequent lag. Exceptions: minigames, quests and DKS (simply because you can lag or disconnect and still be safe)

Kona Blend - Wilderness training & prayer


Hyperlinks have been added to the equipment below for on-site guides, where applicable. Note: Ancient staff is obtained through Monkey Madness (the rewards need updating), rings/amulets can be exchanged for the enchanted version in Edgeville bank (vote manager) using vote tickets. Amulet of fury can be obtained by exchanging Chaos runes for Tokkul (runes store) in the TzHaar Cave & then buying an uncut onyx (gem store) and either make your own (90 Crafting) or pay Oziach (north-west of home) 1,250,000. This is the equipment I used on the journey to max, it's by no means the best equipment in game but it's easy to obtain and will get you your max cape faster than if you were to hunt bosses.

Weapons Abyssal whip Dragon scim Rune crossbow Ancient staff
Armour Helm of neitiznot Fighter torso Barrows legs (at least 1 melee) Barrows gloves Dragon boots Ahrims top + skirt Black d'hide body + legs Red d'hide body + legs
Shield Dragon defender Anti-dragonfire shield God d'hide shield
Special Dragon dagger p++
Other Slayer helm/black mask Arclight Salve amulet (ei) Warrior, archer, seers ring (i) Amulet of fury

- Ava's accumulator
- Fire capes
- Magic capes
- Elite void armour (convenient for 99 Prayer)
- Ring of wealth (convenient for Herblore, Prayer and hoarding keys/key halves)

Refer to this guide for end game equipment.


I recommend starting off with Agility for the purpose of utilising shortcuts. This will come in handy for Slayer when you're assigned black demons, black dragons and kurask. If you're going for Max cape I recommend grinding it out until level 99. If not, level 80 will get you where you need to be (level 70 is still sufficient if you're already close to hanging yourself).

Tips & Tricks:
  • Run laps quicker - turn run on whenever you see it turn off (it will temporarily turn off during any walking obstacle such as a log or tight rope for example)
  • (Premium members only) At level 60, set your home teleport to Seers. After each lap use home teleport. This will allow you to cut off the run back.
  • Pot up - use stamina/run energy potions whenever they are needed.

1-30 = Gnome Stronghold
30-35 = Varrock
35-40 = Barbarian
40-60 = Canifis
60-80 = Seers
80-99 Rellekka


Okay guys, I'm not going to lie here... Hunter is pretty aids on this server. However, it's best to get it out of the way early so that you can chin dagannoth Slayer tasks - just to get in some Ranged XP as most tasks are melee/mage dominant (that is if you're not doing the bosses).

Tips & Tricks:
  • Use tagging on RuneLite to highlight butterflies and make catching them easier.

1-15 Crimson swifts (Corsair cove)
15-25 Ruby butterflies (Piscatoris)
25-35 Sapphire glacialis (Rellekka)
35-45 Snowy knight (Rellekka)
45-53 Black warlock (Corsair cove)
53-63 Grey chins (Piscatoris)
63-99 Red chins (Corsair cove)


All combat should be done through Slayer, providing your skills are sufficient for the task assigned. This is the root to obtaining most (if not all) of the skilling supplies for Runecrafting, Smithing and Farming. It will also aid in Herblore, though it will not get you level 99.

Tips & Tricks:
  • Kill the Barrows brothers at level 70+ melee stats - this will supply you with a large amount of super combat potions which would otherwise require 90 Herblore. Kill until you have at least 1 melee legs and full ahrims (Ahrims is not necessary if you plan on using blood barrage for Magic)
  • Alternatively: at your own risk, you can train Slayer and kill Barrows brothers in the wilderness at lower levels for faster XP and better rewards.
  • (Premium members only) Use Ring of Wealth combined with the premium members perks to automatically pick up & note any herbs from drops.
  • Barrage/chin any low level tasks in a multi-combat area.
  • Always use protection prayers coupled with stat boosting prayers. Prayer potions can be purchased at home.
  • For quick access to monsters, make use of catacombs of kourend (multi-combat area), the stronghold slayer cave or if demons then the chasm of fire.

Tasks to do: do all tasks until you have 400 Slayer points (to unlock the Slayer helmet). Thereafter, this is completely by personal preference.
Tasks to cancel/block for XP: kraken, bloodveld, kurask, wyrm, hellhounds (if no cerberus)


Woodcutting and Firemaking is a deadly combo and often overlooked. Woodcutting is a great source of money making for ironman accounts, as well as being arguably the fastest skill to train. Firemaking on the other hand will provide you with a decent amount of resources for Smithing, Runecrafting and Farming as loot from supply crates. Firemaking is slightly less XP per log than Woodcutting so it's possible that you may have to cut more Magic trees before being able to burn Redwood logs.

Tips & Tricks (Woodcutting):
  • Train Woodcutting at the Woodcutting Guild for +7 hidden levels until level 90. At level 90 train at home, this will make banking logs much faster.
  • Use the Dragon axe special attack for +2 levels.

Tips & Tricks (Firemaking):
  • Add to bonfire (use a log on a pre-existing fire)
  • Train Firemaking at home when level 90+ using the load-out system (quest tab > equipment icon)

1-15 Tree
15-30 Oak tree
30-45 Willow tree
45-60 Maple tree
60-85 Yew tree (Yew is faster than cutting Magic at this level)
85-90 Magic tree
90-99 Redwood tree (do this at home if you plan on banking the logs)


This is the part I see everyone doing wrong. However, before we get into that.. if you have been following this guide from level 1 then you should already have a sufficient amount of bars and ore to use up; the amount you have largely depends on luck but some players will be supplied for level 99.

Tips & Tricks (Smithing):
  • Make all bars obtained from keys into dart tips (this is to help supply Fletching)
  • ^ If you are having trouble reaching level 40 Smithing from this, refer to the in-game Smithing guide (click on the icon in the skills tab).
  • From level 40, smelt gold ore with goldsmith gauntlets until level 99.
  • Smelt in Edgeville using the outside chest for banking. Do not superheat, the action takes too long.
  • Ways to obtain gold ore: Brimstone keys, crystal keys, supply crates from Firemaking, mining gold rocks.

Tips & Tricks (Mining):
  • Train Mining inside the Mining Guild for +7 hidden levels.
  • If you need gold ore for 99 Smithing, mine gold rocks at the Mining Guild teleport. There will be 2 rocks and a banker 3 squares away.
  • If you don't need the ore you're mining, use ::empty to speed up the process.

1-15 Copper/Tin
15-30 Iron
30-40 Coal
40-99 Gold (or until you have enough for 99 Smithing)
55-70 Mithril
70-85 Adamantite
85-92 Runite
92-99 Amethyst (craft into bolt tips if you have/will unlock "Broader Fletching", if not then craft into javelins)


This combo will provide you with all the food you need to master Slayer, whilst simultaneously making you money from unsual fish.

Tips & Tricks (Fishing):
  • Fishing at the Fishing Guild provides +7 hidden levels.

Tips & Tricks (Cooking):
  • Cook all fish at Edgeville (furnace) using the clay oven.
  • Cook all fish obtained from keys. This will increase the level gap between Cooking and Fishing which in turn will boost the success rate.
  • Wear Cooking gauntlets, Cooking skillcape or Max cape for 100% success rate.

1-20 Shrimp/Anchovies (Fishing Guild)
20-40 Trout/Salmon (Fishing Guild)
40-62 Lobster (Fishing Guild)
62-65 Monkfish (Edgeville)
65-76 Karambwan (Edgeville)
(Optional) 70-99 Leaping sturgeon (Edgeville) Note: 1,000 catches = 5M less total XP than Anglerfish but yields approx 200K Agility and 100K Strength.
76-82 Shark (Fishing Guild)
82-99 Anglerfish (Edgeville)


Money making isn't necessary for your average ironman, nor is it as easily attainable. You will accumulate an estimate of 100 million from reaching level 99 in the gathering skills listed below which will 100% be sufficient for your needs as to maxing your ironman.

Woodcutting, sell bird eggs for 200K each.
Fishing, sell strange fish for 200K each.
Mining, sell unidentified minerals for 200K each (for post-99 Mining I recommend saving these until you have Expert Mining gloves).
Participate in PvP Tournaments in Edgeville (safe death), win and be rewarded.

  • Enter the wishing well raffle 5 times every week for a chance of winning big. Do this only when the cost > amount of entries > total pot is favourable, for example: 5M entry, 20 entries, 200M pot. Do not do this with 5M entry, 20 entries, 30M pot (25% chance for 500% back isn't worth it for an ironman IMO). Do this when you have money to spare. I don't want to see any broke ass ironmen doing this.
  • Collect coins & loyalty tickets from the Loyalty Manager at home.


Barrows brothers - Prayer - Black chins