1. Basilisk Knights and Halloween Event  - 11-01-2019 #1

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    Notice: this update requires you to close and open your client before logging back in!

    Jormungand's Prison

    Hidden inside Jormungand's prison lies in wait the brand new basilisk knights! Their high stats will make them tough to kill, be if you're lucky enough, you'll be rewarded with the basilisk jaw. This item can be attached to a helm of Neitiznot to create the Neitiznot faceguard!

    Halloween - Pumkpin Tokens

    Pumpkin tokens can now be obtained through a handful of activities. These tokens will be exchangeable for your choice of many different Halloween rares. Ways to obtain these tokens include:
    • Voting
    • Slayer
    • Bosses
    • PvP
    • Tournaments
    • Bonds

    Chambers of Xeric

    • Melee and ranged are no longer effective against Olm's right hand.
    • Olm's head will now restore his hitpoints after each phase.
    • Raised Olm's poison pool duration from 10 to 13 seconds.
    • Fixed Muttadile's attack range not reaching you if you stand at the entrance.
    • Vasa's crystals are no longer attackable until Vasa fully reaches the crystal.
    • Damage against Vasa will drop to 0 once Vasa reaches the crystal, instead of all incoming damage (including previous delayed damage) being canceled.
    • Recoil effects now work against Vasa's special attack.
    • Tekton can now be attacked as he walks back to his anvil.
    • The fire projectiles will no longer start until Tekton reaches his anvil.

    In Other News

    • A scroll has been added to the boss slayer shop that allows you to toggle on and off being able to be assigned wilderness boss tasks.
    • Certain rare monster drops can now be donated to the well at roughly x2 their OSRS exchange value.
    • Added a level 99 combat lamp to thee bond shop for 40 bonds.
    • Added crystal shards to the bond shop for 20 bonds, giving 40 shards.
    • The bond shop can now be used to swap skilling outfits back into their packed single item.
    • Added a right-click quick-open to the mystery boxes.
    • Fixed the wizard's last teleport option.
    • Fixed the dragon spear's special attack against a frozen player.
    • Fixed no bloody key dropping if the player who should receive it isn't in the area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stympak View Post
    Is there an expected downtime?

    Simply reopening hasn't worked for me as of yet sorry if im being impatient.
    Updates take a little while, test restarting client every 5-10 minutes. When it loads, swrver will be online.

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    Thanks tried to edit my comment and scuffed it lol, no worries thank you

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    Next stop, fully completed raids... no more short raids!!

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    Hweens baby

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    Is the droprate of the Basilisk jaw 5x rarer off task like it is on OSRS?

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    Ty for the update its sick

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    I like the Cox update, but did you buff the effectiveness of magic against the right claw? I've tested it and it is very ineffective right now

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    November 4th 2019, Monday

    A special letter from futuristic Mate

    I'm sitting on the backyard porch of Mc Donalds
    A Grid Compass Laptop still attached to my lap
    Free power and wifi
    My body has turned into a skeleton one decade ago
    Still awaiting ToB release on Battle-scape

    Yours truly,
    Skeleton Mate

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