Howdie folks,

[Halloween event]
BattleScape's Halloween event will launch after the live client update and will last one week, but what does it entail?
Players will be able to accumulate 'Pumpkins' which will be stackable, the 'Pumpkins' will serve as a form of exchange currency to obtain Halloween themed items.

You'll be able to accumulate them through everyday activities such as:
  • Obtainable through Player vs Player kills with a 25% chance to drop x5 Pumpkin.
  • Obtainable through Slayer Tasks from both normal tasks and boss tasks, each having their own respective rates and potential quantity of Pumpkin.
  • Obtainable through Tournaments by placing first (x5 Pumpkin), second (x3 Pumpkin), third (x1 Pumpkin)
  • Guaranteed through Voting, every 12 hours users will be able to vote and receive a randomly generated amount of Pumpkins.
  • Buyable from the Bond Shop.

Obtainable Halloween themed items.

  • You can expect more information on this after the first 48 hours of the event, we'd like to monitor how easily they're accumulated first.

[CONSUMER EVENT: 1x Twisted Bow]
  • I finally landed some RNG at the Corporeal Beast and sold it to fund this event.
  • Just added that in here to avoid complaints about the Twisted Bow not being genuine or legit.

  • Sadly this event only applies to the ballers out there willing to compete for first place in a top-up battle (purchased bonds), naturally this event will start alongside the Halloween event and will end with it.

Sincerely, Shirou.