Weekly Management Results [Summary Thread]

  • BattleScape can expect one of these on a weekly basis, the purpose of this is solely to keep our users informed and provide a better overview of what's to come and what's not to come, etc..

BattleScape's Open Discussions [Discussion Threads]

  • Discussion threads will serve as a means to discuss specific aspects of BattleScape for improvement purposes, these will be held frequently and will cycle through all aspects of BattleScape with the intention to tackle all of it overtime, naturally this will require our users who do desire changes to step forward and voice their thoughts and opinions constructively, this WILL NOT be viable without the community's involvement! ofcourse this DOES NOT mean that each and every suggestion will be implemented to the letter as it has to be discussed to determine what is and isn't viable but we'll do our best to meet as many expectations as possible.

BattleScape's Upcoming Updates

Donator Benefits

  • BattleScape will be introducing an EXCLUSIVE zone accessible ONLY by Donators with useful features, a huge shoutout to "Teh Bakes" who volunteered to invest hours upon hours into the creation of this zone.
  • BattleScape will be introducing new and improved Donator Benefits, each rank having it's own respective or improved Donator Benefits.

Shop Revamps

  • We'll add and revamp these overtime, the Bond Exchange shop will be introducing new Experience Lamps for combat skills that'll 1-99 a combat skill of your choice, as well as introducing of Crystal Shards so that users can charge their Blade of Saeldor, bonds will be added to the Loyalty Shop however there will be an idle timer, naturally if someone's caught using third-party software to evade the idle timer, not only will this be reverted and removed those who do attempts this will be dealt with accordingly.

General Changes

  • Players who have obtained any of the buyable outfits will be able to revert it to save bank slots, the respective set will also be purchasable with all of it's respective pieces.
  • a "Quick Open" feature will be added for any and all Mystery Boxes.
  • Demonic Gorilla's will be relocated.
  • You can now donate items to the well at 2x OSRS value.
  • a "Feature" will be introduced to allow users to skip Wilderness Slayer Tasks entirely.

Ofcourse not all of it is there such as the Max Cape discussion, Halloween event, small tweaks, changes or fixes, etc..
However those will be re-visited in due time!

Sincerely, Shirou.