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    Nov 2018
    1. Item sink - eco has been flooded with a lot of items lately, due to ~25 decent items coming into the game every day for free, from bloody/bloodier keys. The community is not large enough to utilize such an amount of items coming in. And it is getting harder by day to sell anything, not just rarely used items, but even Bandos sets/weapons/PvM gear. My suggestion (as i already spoke with a staff member) would be to allow item donations for Well. Another option (probably for some time in the future) - make an option to donate items to G.E. or something for an exchange of a Pet Banker or Pet Uri chance. The higher active trading cost of the item - the better the drop chance. Would be funny and would help the eco to stabilize.

    2. If possible to code that - make an option to dismantle wildy weapons (Craw's/Thammaron's/Viggora's) for half the ether it can hold. For example, i have 3 scepters on my ironman. I have no use for them, and only place to get ether is by killing revs. So would be nice if extra weapons could be turned into 8k ether. Another good option for eco, as the extras would not be traded over to a main and put into the market.

    3. Add dragon battle-axe spec. Great way to save supplies for ironmen.

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    Oct 2016
    Items to well already was a thing, forgot why it got removed. Another thing that would be needed is to reduce the prices of partyhats so people actually buy them from the shop and so it becomes a cash sink.

    D-axe not needed, you get free pots from barrows, but can be added for the lulz.

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    Nov 2018
    Support, and good addition what amorphis said with phats, What are the current market prices for all the phats, and what would you like to see as the store prices? (The same as market or reduced / increased?)

    Shouts out Kn1ght, aussienooble, iron mate <3

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    Jan 2017
    - I agree with the Well suggestion.

    - I also agree Phats should be changed in price but NOT to the point anyone can afford them as they're nice to have rares in the game that are actually "Rare" Maybe reducing the prices to half the Value they're currently at in the shop, if you go any lower you're just going to be in another situation in a few months time where the Eco is flooded with Phats and they become worthless and we're trying to combat that with most items in the game at the moment. ( And people would buy less m box's etc looking for rares ).

    THIS IS MY SUGGESTION - ( May be a long shot, and maybe not even possible idk ) A Lotto feature added to the well where every day or week you can throw items/cash into it ( The item being converted into GE Value for example ) which will be added to the pot for the final cash prize to the winner at the end of each day/week. Add like 25% Tax deduction to the lotto so you're sinking a chunk of GP/ tonne of items. Like yeh there could be an argument you're putting more gp into the game as the items are going to be converted but unless you could think of a better way round it GP in the game is a lot better than 10000s of items which are in the game right now you cant get rid off. Once the game starts balancing out you could just have a cash lotto and remove the item option.

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    Sep 2016
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    Given that everything more or less runs of the OSRS GE prices, how much would an item be valued on the well? Think OSRS GE value times some #.

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