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    Sep 2019

    I'm Jamani but I prefer to be addressed by my alias Shirou, I'm 21 and currently live in Belgium (EU), while my native language is Dutch, I speak fluent English.
    I'm rather laid-back and chill, I enjoy a good laugh (who doesn't? ) and I'm quite easy to talk to!
    It's been a while since I last stepped foot on RSPS territory, but I'm excited to see what the future brings now that I'm back.
    I enjoy RSPS's and have enjoyed them since the early 317 days all those years back as a kid.

    As you might have noticed from recent announcements, myself and Soft have been announced as BattleScape's Community Managers.
    Pali, Miika, Soft and myself have been in a back and forth conversation behind the scenes these past two weeks regarding several matters, this being one of them.

    While me and Soft will have different priorities here's what you can expect from us.
    • Overall administration
    • General inquiries
    • General events (Player vs Player, Player vs Monster, Skilling, Contests, etc.. we're also open to suggestions for events)
    • We'll monitor the suggestions and feedback sections to the best of our ability to further improve gameplay experience
    • Consistent interaction with BattleScape's Community

    Our tasks will be similar to that of Administrators but primarily focused on the Community, essentially we'd be the voices of BattleScape's Community as a whole.
    However for clarification purposes I'll make it abudantly clear that our main priority is the satisfcation of BattleScape's staff, consumers and users.

    Should you have any further questions I'll happily answer them on any of BattleScape's platforms (Discord, Forums, IG).
    Discord - Shirou#0101

    Sincerely, Shirou.

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    Welcome aboard

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    Nov 2019
    shirou plz if you can change my name for this KEN i would be very blessed

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    Welcome ! Wel gekomen ! Great to have u hear

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