PalidinoToday at 12:40 AM
tbh main thing holding me back from a bs update now is
I gotta fix some account compatibility with some changes I made
nothing too serious but I'm gonna have to test it a bit to make sure no one gets reset bc of the changes
ideally I'd like to eventually switch over account files to something like xml or json instead of java's own format for player saving so that problems like this are easier to resolve
but I'll have to dl all the bs accounts, run a test load on them, and fix issues as they pop up loading all the character files until none are left
As an example, I moved osrs/player/ into a subdirectory called combat, and that in itself is enough to make accs fail to load bc I use basically java's version of data saving and loading. So gotta tweak to make it work
If that wasn't too confusing, that is where the next update is at lmao

PalidinoToday at 12:48 AM
I'll definitely get bs account files up with the new system this weke (week)
then I can update bs and bw together
handful of new stuff like an updated bond interface, ardy agility course, a bunch of combat fixes